Maintaining clear, crisp windows can be a hassle in the Mississauga area, but the end result is always worth it. Most property owners would say that their windows are already clean, but a quick glare from the sun will often reveal all kinds of spots and particle residue. With habitual cleaning, your windows can be free from such stains and more regular cleaning will typically make each consecutive clean easier. Bring back light and colour to your indoor world and read up on these tips for obtaining cleaner windows.

Getting Started

Some of the tools you will probably need (and want) include a decent squeegee, some window cleaning solution, paper towel, a sponge, some cloths, and possibly a pair of rubber gloves. Ensure that your chosen cleaning product will be compatible with the windows on your property. For hard to reach places, both a step ladder and a regular ladder can be invaluable investments. Remember that you want to use your cleaning product sparingly since any excess soap will mark and streak your window after the drying process is done.

Be Careful of Dirt, Soil, and Sand

You should avoid rubbing dirt into your window at all costs. Any dirt-like substance contains hard minerals that will scratch your glass and can even destroy it when given enough time. Cautiously remove dirt with gentle wipes and dabs and make sure you wet the window as well as your cleaning tool. Dabbing with a sponge and carefully sliding your squeegee across the window will usually do the trick. A vacuum with a smaller, focused nozzle attachment can also be good for picking up dirt particles. Keep your squeegee wet to avoid the aggressive scraping and bouncing of a dry squeegee blade. You want the blade to glide gently across your window panes while making sure you don’t drown your windows either.

Clean Those Window Screens Too!

Putting all of that effort into cleaning your windows will be partially wasted if you skimp on cleaning the screens. A dirty screen will not only look as bad as a dirty window, but the buildup from your screen could easily spread to your now clean windows. Vacuuming out the dirt and other grime and then scrubbing and rinsing them in warm water is usually your best bet. Metallic screens need to be dried as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable collection of rust. Ensuring your windows and screens are both spotless will help make your Mississauga home or business look new again.

Other Tips

Remember that if you clean windows that are facing direct sunlight, they can rapidly dry before you finish wiping them and this will lead to streaking. Opt for a more rugged paper towel or a cotton cloth to prevent any lint buildup on your windows. As well, any textured or stained glass panes unfortunately won’t be cleanable with a squeegee. Micro-fiber cloths also offer a great alternative for your window cleaning needs though you may want to invest in a specific micro-fiber material depending on your windows. Ready to get your windows looking impressive again? The specialists over at Window Cleaning People in Mississauga will leave your windows in immaculate shape and can even start you off with a free online quote!