Birds colliding in the window glass may seem to be a small problem for the people who live in the area where birds seldom collide with their windows. But for people who live in high aviation traffic area will surely understand the gravity of the problem. The collision of birds may vary in degree or intensity. From minute pecking on the glass to strong thunder startling the entire house and crippling or even killing the bird, a collision can be of varying degree.

Why Do Birds Collide in The Window?

Before concentrating on the ways to prevent the collision of birds in the window, it is very important to understand why birds collide with the windows.

These problems usually occur after Toronto window cleaning services. The first and foremost reason for collision is that birds are neither able to see the transparent glass nor they are able to recognise it as something solid. On one hand, they are able to recognise walls of the house; on the other hand, they think windows are the wooden frame by which they can easily pass by. The problem becomes all the more complex when there are two parallel windows in the house. Birds think that these parallel windows are a wooden tunnel by which they can easily pass. In order to cross the tunnel, they come and collide with one of the window glasses.

Another very prominent reason for crippling or death of birds due to collision is the reflection. Window glasses show the reflection of trees, plants, and grass nearby. Due to the reflection, birds think that it is a plant or tree where they can sit and in an attempt to sit on the reflected plant or the tree, they collide with the glass.

If we wish to minimise the collision and save the birds, we will need to concentrate on the above two problems. If we are able to make the window glass visible to the birds and reduce the reflection, then we can reduce the problem of collision by many folds.

Putting an Opaque Object in Front of the Glass!

Putting an opaque object such as wooden board or a cardboard in front of the glass can make the window opaque and prevent the bird from colliding into it. But this will surely be the injustice to the homeowners whose source of light and air will be blocked. In order to make the window glass opaque and derive benefits of windows at the same time, homeowners can make the use of tinted shade cloth.

They can tie tinted shade cloth in front of a window. This shade cloth will not only be visible to the bird but it will also allow light and air to pass. Apart from the shade cloth, homeowners can also use summer storm screens or collision escape film to reduce the transparency of the glass to a considerable extent. It will also help in reducing the reflection of the glass.

Making Use of Silhouettes, Cut Outs and Bird Feeders!

Another very effective way of reducing the collision of birds in the window is making use of silhouettes. There are numbers of silhouettes which you can cut and put in front of the window in order to distract the bird away from it. You can make cut outs of flying hawk or any other predatory bird, you can even make a scarecrow or a man or an owl to resolve the problem. Looking at the silhouettes, the birds will change their direction of flying and they will be saved from the collision.

Another effective way is putting a bird feeder or a tree as a blockade in front of the window. They will stop the birds in between and not let them come and collide with the windows. If the birds are getting collided even after putting the bird feeder, then all you need to do is increase the distance of the bird feeder or the tree from the window. It will prove to be quite effective.

Putting Special Stickers on the Window Glass!

Use of bird feeder and silhouettes can be effective in regions where the rate of collision is less. But in heavy areal traffic region, it is important to use the more prominent method of stopping the birds. One such prominent method is sticking special stickers on the windows. These special stickers are specially made for preventing collision of birds and saving their lives. These special stickers reflect ultraviolet radiations from the sun. As a result, they are visible to the birds but not visible to human beings with naked eyes. As a result, birds will recognise the obstacle in the form of the window and human beings will also not be deprived of the benefits of windows.