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Many homeowners do not understand how important window cleaning in Scarborough is. It is important that your windows are cleaned because it boosts the value of your home, sets a good impression, and it prevents poor air quality within the walls of your home.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have the time to clean their windows, because, let’s face it, it is a tough job. The scrubbing and squeegeeing means that you need to put in some good elbow grease and not everyone is capable of doing that. In addition, the job can be dangerous, especially if you need to climb ladders, reach windows up high, and similar. Instead of injuring yourself or risking any injury, you simply avoid the task.

Window Cleaning People is here to help you and provides efficient window cleaning in Scarborough. We want you to love your windows and we want your indoor air quality to be good and not poor. Our technicians will come out to your home and clean each and every window to provide you with a clear view of the world outside your home.

If you are interested in the window cleaning services we provide, please call our office today to schedule an appointment with us.

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When our technicians come out to your home, they will clean your windows from top to bottom and inside and out. We never leave a drop of dirt on the windows and our team provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have trained our technicians using the best practices to clean your windows and each one is insured and bonded to provide these services at your home.

When we clean your windows, the first step in the process is to remove all of the dirt and grime that is present on the window. Once we have scrubbed it clean, we will then squeegee the remaining water and soap from the window. After that, our team will wipe down the window sills and edges to leave the window clean and sparkling.


If you are interested in our window cleaning in Scarborough, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with us. Your windows will soon sparkle and shine all year round.


Choosing a window cleaning company to work with is no laughing matter and should not be taken lightly. There are many reasons why you should choose to work with the Window Cleaning People.

For starters, we have over 2,000 happy customers who have received our services and we currently service over 500 homes a year.

Our team is not only trained, but experienced in the practice and will only provide a thorough and complete job. This means that we do not just move the dirt around – we actually CLEAN your windows.

We operate on a six-day work week and our flexible scheduling allows you the convenience of scheduling your window cleaning in Scarborough around your schedule and not ours.

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«WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Window Cleaning company Toronto I have ever seen. That’s why you see so many Window Cleaning People signs on peoples lawns! The customer service is great and technicians do an excellent eavestrough cleaning and window cleaning in Markham! I called them for a free estimate and the person who showed up was very polite and professional. They have an amazing discounts for all new customers. Very professional and relileble company, WOW- AMAZING!”
Dana Ford, Markham, On
“My home has been serviced by the Window Cleaning People for over a year now. And I can honestly say they are one of the best window cleaning companies Toronto that I have been able to work with!”
James Wilson, Toronto, On
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Professional Window Cleaning Protects Your Home

Window cleaning is a difficult job that is made even harder when you don’t have access to the right tools and when you don’t have the experience to know how to clean the windows properly. You could end up with streaks that make your windows look worse. And you could even end up in hospital if you are not used to working on a ladder or handling window cleaning equipment.

That’s why homeowners should invest in professional window cleaning. Professional window cleaners know the best ways to clean windows and they have the professional grade equipment necessary to do it safely. Using water fed poles and other high tech equipment they can get your windows sparkling clean quickly and affordably.

When Quality Matters Hire The Professionals

Window cleaning is a dirty and time consuming job that many homeowners would rather avoid. But having clean windows is important so that your home looks good, is safe and healthy and mold free, and so that your windows last the way they are supposed to. That’s why you should always hire professional window cleaners. For well-trained window cleaning professionals who have access to the best equipment exterior window cleaning and interior window cleaning are not difficult. Having the latest equipment like a water fed pole system means that professional window cleaners can get your home’s windows sparkling clean and streak free quickly and easily so that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of clean windows. When quality matters you need to hire the professional Window Cleaning People in Scarborough.