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Window Cleaning People has been providing superior window cleaning in Richmond Hill for over seven years. We specialize in all types of residential window cleaning and will leave your windows sparkling. Our convenient services are available to all residents in the Richmond Hill area!

We understand how important it is for you to have clean windows in your home, but it is often a chore that falls wayside because it is difficult and out of sight – out of mind. We know this and that is why we offer one time and regular window cleaning maintenance plans.

It is important for you to keep your windows clean for a number of reasons. First, when people come over to your home, they will be put off by dirty windows and they may begin to think differently of your housekeeping skills. Next, the dirt and grime buildup can lead to mold growth, which affects your home’s air quality. Lastly, dirty windows will diminish the value of your home when you try to sell or rent it.

Before you panic and try to clean your windows yourself, give the team at Window Cleaning People a call today. We will provide you with a streak free window cleaning in Richmond Hill.

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When it comes to your windows, we will never simply move the dirt around and give an appearance of a clean window. Our technicians will clean 100% of your windows and remove ALL dirt and grime from them.

We have trained each technician using the best practices and techniques to ensure that the windows are cleaned. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are unsatisfied with the window cleaning performed, we will do it again.

When we come out to your home to clean your windows, we are different than other companies because we will scrub the window first to remove the dirt. The next step involves squeegeeing the window and then our team will wipe down the edges and sills.


One of the reasons our customers love us is because we offer reasonable pricing on all of our window services and we will work with you to fit window cleaning into your budget. Our team is ready to perform any job, no matter the size or shape of the window.

In addition, we offer convenient scheduling that is based on your schedule. This means that you do not have to have your window cleaning in Richmond Hill at an inconvenience to you and we will always schedule in when you want your window cleaning to be performed.


Our team is dedicated to fast and efficient services throughout Richmond Hill. We have over 2,000 satisfied customers and the number continues to grow. We service over 500 homes throughout the year and we would love to add you to that number.

Our technicians are bonded and insured for your protection on every job. If you are interested in our window cleaning in Richmond Hill, contact our office today for a free estimate.

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«WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Window Cleaning company Toronto I have ever seen. That’s why you see so many Window Cleaning People signs on peoples lawns! The customer service is great and technicians do an excellent eavestrough cleaning and window cleaning in Markham! I called them for a free estimate and the person who showed up was very polite and professional. They have an amazing discounts for all new customers. Very professional and relileble company, WOW- AMAZING!”
Dana Ford, Markham, On
“My home has been serviced by the Window Cleaning People for over a year now. And I can honestly say they are one of the best window cleaning companies Toronto that I have been able to work with!”
James Wilson, Toronto, On
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When Safety Matters Water Fed Pole Cleaning Is The Best For Your Home

Professional window cleaning that is done with a water fed pole system will leave your home’s windows sparkling clean and totally streak free. That’s because water fed pole window cleaning uses only purified water to clean the windows. The highly pressurized water stream is strong enough to knock loose debris and dirt and rinse it away without using harsh detergents or chemicals. This means that the runoff is totally safe and won’t hurt your plants or grass, your pets that go outside, or your kids if they are playing near the runoff area. If environmental safety and not using harsh chemicals matters to you then you need professional exterior window cleaning done with a water fed pole system.

Window Cleaning People teams use professional grade water fed pole systems to clean windows so that you get the clean windows you want without the chemicals or detergents you don’t want. If you need to have your home’s windows professionally cleaned and safety matters to you call Window Cleaning People today for a free estimate for professional window cleaning.

How To Find Window Cleaning Service in Richmond Hill

The best way to find professional window cleaning in Richmond Hill is to look for a window cleaning company that is focused on service. Call and ask for a free estimate. Any window cleaning professionals that don’t offer free estimates are not the kind of company that you want to do business with. A reliable and honest window cleaning company will send some of the team members to your home to asses your home and provide a free estimate for window cleaning. High quality professional window cleaning companies will always give you an estimate for a flat fee to do the job. Any company that doesn’t or that won’t come to your home isn’t a company that you should be working with.

Your home is an investment, and hiring only the best quality window cleaning service in Richmond Hill is an investment in the care and upkeep of your home. That’s why you should always talk to several professional window cleaning services and then choose one that offers free estimates and has all their workers insured and bonded.