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If we were to ask you to go look at your home’s windows right now, would you be comfortable doing so? Many homeowners place cleaning their windows on the back burner and then realize that they neglected them for too long and are in dire need of window cleaning in Newmarket. Instead of worrying about the way your windows look, you can count on the team at Window Cleaning People and you will always know that your windows are clean and sparkling.

We understand that not everyone has time to clean their windows or maybe you simply forget about them because you have other things to worry about such as picking up toys daily or washing dishes. It is okay and that is why we are here. Many homeowners do not even think about the windows until they are mentioned or someone says something about the dirt.

There are some downsides to forgetting about cleaning your windows. First, dirt and grime will begin to buildup on the window. Second, mildew can easily form on the window and create a green tint or fuzzy substance on the window. At Window Cleaning People, we want to help you keep your windows clean and that is why we offer affordable residential window cleaning in Newmarket.

Window Cleaning Newmarket

Why Work with Window Cleaning People?

If you are wondering why you should work with Window Cleaning People, we can tell you. You may also be wondering why you can’t just simply clean the windows yourself. Well, you could, but then you run the risk of missing spots, getting tired too quickly, or even forgetting to keep up with the cleanings on a regular basis.

Some of the reasons you should be working with us include:

  • We show up ready to work with all supplies and equipment
  • We are insured and bonded
  • We offer free estimates and affordable pricing for all budgets
  • We clean all windows of any size or shape
  • We have over 2,000 happy customers
  • We guarantee your satisfaction

When it comes to completing a job, we do not slack off and will always complete it to your standards. In fact, we guarantee our work and if you are unhappy, we will re-clean your windows again.

Our Cleaning Process is Thorough

Clean windows are important and they help boost the value of your home. If your windows are dirty, then you may feel embarrassed when a friend or family member stops by. To eliminate this problem, Window Cleaning People provides a thorough cleaning of all of your windows.

Our window cleaning in Newmarket is done in three steps. The first step involves scrubbing the window to remove all grime, the second step is to squeegee the window, and the third step is to clean around the window for a perfect, clean look.

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If you are interested in our window cleaning in Newmarket, call our office today to schedule your free consultation. We are on a mission to turn every dirty window into a sparkly clean window in Newmarket.

Why Choose Window Cleaning People?

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  • 100% free estimates

  • Insured & bonded

  • Affordable pricing

  • Friendly customer service

  • On-time and fully equipped

  • 6-day a week service

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«WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Window Cleaning company Toronto I have ever seen. That’s why you see so many Window Cleaning People signs on peoples lawns! The customer service is great and technicians do an excellent eavestrough cleaning and window cleaning in Markham! I called them for a free estimate and the person who showed up was very polite and professional. They have an amazing discounts for all new customers. Very professional and relileble company, WOW- AMAZING!”
Dana Ford, Markham, On
“My home has been serviced by the Window Cleaning People for over a year now. And I can honestly say they are one of the best window cleaning companies Toronto that I have been able to work with!”
James Wilson, Toronto, On

Window Cleaning Service Can Be Impressive

Window Cleaning Newmarket

Why Water Fed Pole Cleaning Is The Best For Your Home

Professional window cleaners have a lot of high grade equipment available to them that homeowners just don’t have or know to use. One of the best tools that professional window cleaners use a water fed pole system. The water fed pole system makes it easy for professional window cleaners to reach any exterior windows even skylights or windows that are high up on the second or third floor of the house.

Using a water fed pole cleaning system is the best way to clean the windows in your home because it leaves a very clean finish with no streaks. The system uses only purified water, no detergent, so that your windows won’t have a dirty looking film over them and they will dry completely streak free.

Water fed pole professional window cleaning systems make it possible for window cleaning to get done safely, quickly, and with no run off that could be harmful to kids of pets or to the environment in your yard. There are no chemicals or detergents used in a water fed pole system.

Window Cleaning People cleaning professionals have the experience and training using water fed poles to get your windows clean quickly and affordably.

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Safety Matters So Let Professional Window Cleaners Clean Your Home’s Windows

Many homeowners put of exterior window cleaning because it’s a dirty and often dangerous job. Professional window cleaners can get your exterior windows sparkling clean quickly because they have the experience and the professional tools to get the job done right. Our professional window cleaning team has the best equipment like modern water fed poles that can make cleaning second story or third story exterior windows much safer. And they have the experience to get your exterior or interior windows clean quickly.

Our team members will also check the condition of your windows to be sure there are no issues that need to be repaired. Stay safely on the ground and call us today to learn more about exterior window cleaning for your home or business.

Professional Window Cleaners in Newmarket