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«WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Window Cleaning company Toronto I have ever seen. That’s why you see so many Window Cleaning People signs on peoples lawns! The customer service is great and technicians do an excellent eavestrough cleaning and window cleaning in Markham! I called them for a free estimate and the person who showed up was very polite and professional. They have an amazing discounts for all new customers. Very professional and relileble company, WOW- AMAZING!”
Dana Ford, Markham, On
“My home has been serviced by the Window Cleaning People for over a year now. And I can honestly say they are one of the best window cleaning companies Toronto that I have been able to work with!”
James Wilson, Toronto, On

Window Cleaning Mississauga

When you look at your Toronto home’s windows, what do you see? If you see a thick film of dirt and grime, then it is time that you have window cleaning performed.

At Window Cleaning People, we are dedicated to providing quality window cleaning services to all of our customers. We treat each customer like they are a part of our family and that is what sets us apart from the rest of our competition. We truly care about the way your home’s windows look and providing the best service around.

Window Cleaning Mississauga


If you have decided it is time for your windows to be cleaned, contact Window Cleaning People today for a thorough window cleaning in Mississauga. We are dedicated to providing you with the high quality service you have come to know and expect.

Our team will remove all grime, dirt, and mildew from your window’s glass, sills, and edges. We want everyone in the Mississauga area to have clean windows that sparkle day in and out.

Often times, we hear homeowners say that they avoided cleaning their windows because they did not know that the dirt or grime would buildup that bad. Other homeowners are simply too busy to fit the cleaning into their schedule. And, on top of that, the job is often dangerous and means using equipment that you may not use regularly.

If you do not have your windows cleaned on a regular basis, the dirt will continue to build up and if there is mold or mildew present, it can affect the air quality within your home. In addition to that, your home’s value will decrease with dirty windows. These two things are reason alone to have residential window cleaning performed.

If you are interested in our window cleaning services, call our office today to schedule your free consultation.


When it comes to choosing a window cleaning company, the decision is not easy and you may be worried about whether or not the company can perform the job correctly.

At Window Cleaning People, we have trained all of our technicians to provide superior service to residents throughout the area. Our mission is to bring you the absolute best window cleaning services that we can.

We have developed ways to efficiently clean your windows and each technicians uses his or her skills to ensure the best results. Each team member is completely bonded and insured for your protection on each job.

We pay attention to the smallest details including the edges and sills of your windows. In fact, many companies will simply just move the dirt around on your window and never actually clean it. We do NOT do this and we will remove every inch of dirt and grime.

Working with us is easy and you will enjoy our flexible scheduling that allows you to have your windows cleaned around YOUR schedule. We are committed to excellence and will deliver nothing less than that.


Window cleaning in Mississauga takes time and patience – just what our technicians have. We will scrub your windows using our chemicals and tools. This scrubbing will remove any buildup of dirt, grime, or mildew.

Once your windows are cleaned, we will then squeegee them off and wipe down the remaining parts of the window to ensure a quality clean.


If you are interested in our window cleaning in Mississauga, call our office today to schedule your free consultation with us.

Window Cleaning Mississauga
Professional residential window cleaning can impress you more than you expect.
At Window Cleaning People we do our best to provide our clients with professional and high-quality residential window cleaning services. With all the pollution in such a big city as Toronto – there is no doubt you will like to be sure that your windows are clean and sparkling all the year round.

Top rated Window Washing in Toronto and Mississauga

You can call us in any convenient time and ask for necessary assistance. Customers’ satisfaction is a deal of primary concern to us, so we leave your home only when you are completely satisfied with the result. Our pro window cleaning prices will definitely impress you and you will call again.
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Looking for a Window Cleaning company which cares about client satisfaction? With Toronto Window Cleaning People, that`s exactly what you get!

By Choosing Window Cleaning People, you’ll get: professional window cleaners; affordable window cleaning cost; high quality exterior and interior window cleaning; guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We understand that washing and cleaning of windows is a serious task! That’s why we are equipped with tools that make the job easier and faster. Do not waste your time on window cleaning. Our window cleaners in Mississauga, Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan promise to bring back the windows to the sparkling state within hours. We specialize in window cleaning in Toronto, Mississauga, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan. We are pleased to offer the most professional service in the window cleaning industry to our clients.

Use our window cleaning services in Mississauga, Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. Get a free window cleaning estimate now! Don’t waste your time, request window cleaning quote!

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Professional Window Cleaner vs. the DIY Method

Professional Window Cleaner vs DIY Method

Unsure if you should approach those dirty windows with a do-it- yourself mentality or if you should just hire a specialist? Of course money can be saved by doing any project yourself, but when it comes to windows, there are many more factors than just up-front cost. Consider the following benefits of hiring a window cleaner for your Mississauga property to figure out what approach is best for you.