In recent times, there has been too much hype about the use of technology for tasks as simple as cleaning eavestroughs. There seems to be a common notion that if an eavestrough cleaning company Toronto is not using power hoses or leaf blowers, they are not doing an effective job at cleaning the roof. However, the fact is that irrespective of having the best automation, tasks like gutter cleaning demand the personalized human touch. And here’s why.

Power washers and Gutter Cleaning

Power washers with their powerful blasts of hot water looks like one of the best cleaning equipment for your eavestrough. In reality, though, they end up doing more harm than good. The pressure of the water in your home averages 50 psi. When you connect a garden hose, the pressure is even lower. A power washer on the other hand averages up to 2000 psi. While it may blow the leaves, the debris and the gunk in all directions, it may also loosen the gutter attachment to the fascia board. Repeated cleaning weakens these attachments and wears it out prematurely. And this can be an expensive repair that you can easily avoid by hiring an eavestrough cleaning Toronto company that still relies on manual cleaning.

Leaf Blowers and Eavestrough cleaning Toronto

Leaf Blowers are intended to ease the cleaning job. Instead, it can damage your roof shingles. A roof is designed to withstand winds in excess of 40 mph without any serious damage being caused to it. However, leaf blowers produce winds of up to 180 mph. Winds this strong can loosen the attachment of the gutter, lift off tiles and shingles and even loosen the attachments to the downspouts and the fascia board. What may seem like an easy way to clean the gutter may actually damage the roof permanently leading to costly repairs down the road.

The right way

Cleaning gutters by hand is the only correct way to clean the eavestrough. It allows professionals to remove any gunk or debris by hand, inspect the downspout for clogs and collect the garbage to dispose off, rather than blowing it away with a leaf blower. Once the eavestrough is cleaned by hand, a normal hose should be used to wash the entire gutter to remove any fingerprint smudges and to inspect if the gutter has developed any leaks or is sagging somewhere allowing water to collect. Not to forget that it’s a greener choice. No excessive carbon, no waste to dump in landfills and no noise pollution either.

The best eavestrough cleaning Toronto company

When you speak to gutter cleaning companies in Toronto, ask them specifically about their cleaning process. If a company relies purely on leaf blowers and power hoses, then look for another company that relies on good old manual cleaning. Also, look for companies that will inspect the downspout after cleaning the eavestrough. Many a time, the eavestrough is cleaned leaving the downspout clogged with debris. By speaking to multiple companies and seeking references, you can find a gutter cleaning company Toronto that does a thorough job.