If you happen to be dealing with the problems of dust, loose paint, grime, dirt and mould, it’s time to trying power washing. A high-pressure water spray with appropriate detergent is used to clean all external areas of your home. Window Cleaning People provide power washing services in Toronto and we see first hand how it can be a relatively simple way to clean up your home. All you need to do is to pick a right machine besides using it correctly to give appeasing results.

Why Choose Power Washing?

There are a number of reasons to choose power washing for cleaning your home’s exterior:

  • A power wash gives your parking lot a professional restoration by discarding its grime, gum as well as oil stains.
  • With the usage of biodegradable cleaners, you can save on your landscape investments. The trained power wash specialists effectively remove the grime without damaging the environment.
  • Power wash is a cost-effective mechanism that removes mildew or mould completely otherwise installing a new roof will prove to be a costly affair. It restores your shingles with a new look by power washing your roof.
  • Power wash adds a shine to your sidings which have turned dull due to mildew and mould.

Keep Your Home Clean And Looking Beautiful

Dirty spots on your property don’t just hamper its beauty, but it also breeds an unhealthy environment which your visitors will undoubtedly notice. Prolonged mildew and mould are difficult to get rid off as well. The areas like soffits and eaves in your home are the largest affected areas, which cannot be cleaned up easily. A power wash assures to clean corners of your house and set it free from the creepy creatures like mosquitoes, spiders, and bees.

Perfect house calls for a complete spring cleaning, including the areas beneath soffits and the eaves, which often remain clumsy. The siding of your house is more susceptible to higher staining compared to other areas, as it has major exposure to rains and accumulates various particulates frequently. Only a power wash can clean your sidings reasonably giving an unspoiled look to your house.

To clean a second-story window, climbing the roof edge is another big challenge besides others. But power wash avoids these hassles and cleans up your windows efficiently. As windows are quite delicate, a wide spray pattern ranging from 40-65 degrees should be used to avoid any crack. The pressure of power wash should not exceed 2,000 psi to avoid unnecessary pressure over window glass. A spray of water and a cleaning solution is the appropriate way to clean your windows.

Power Wash Your Garage

Power spray shall be the first test washed on garage or basement window. Initially, after connecting the power washer with a water outlet, the nozzle should be set on the widest pattern. Avoid positioning spray nozzle in a perpendicular way, as it puts more pressure on the window and the glass is prone to breakage with consistent pressure.

Choose a detergent which is safe for windows and can keep the shine of your window-glass intact. Depending on pressure, a safe distance should be marked between sprayer and window, positioning the sprayer from the corner towards its centre.

Power Wash Your Gutters

A soothing raining day is a good experience for many but might be a nightmare for you if your gutters are filled with debris. The dry leaves fall off near the gutter and can make a huge mess. While the leaf blowers are exceptional to clean away dry leaves over a ground, a clogged gutter calls for more. Your garden hose may help you to fix it temporarily but it will not be clean-off completely. While we highly recommend professional eavestrough cleaning services, a power washer can also help to make this problem a lot easier to manage.

To fix this issue, a power wash is a reasonable rescue. A serious pressure will force the leaves to flush out and unclogged your gutter completely. Two major accessories, which are making the power wash an absolute success are:

  • Gutter Cleaning Wand: This U-shape wand is required to set inside the gutters at the cogged angles. As the downspouts will be cleared with water waste, the high-pressure spray will blow away the clogged leaves effectively.
  • Telescoping Wand: This telescopic wand is helpful in extending the fibreglass for the house which is two stories or more.

It may be your roof, home siding or the concrete surface that need to get rid of prolonged dirt and grime with a perfect power wash. The frequency of power wash is directly proportional to the mildew growth. However, it is not recommended to power wash your house every year. The main purpose of the power wash is to clean up the accumulated dirt, which does not happen so frequently unless there is some construction work going on in the vicinity of your house.