Figuring out how often a window needs cleaning is never an easy task; ideally more frequent cleaning is preferable, but not everyone has the time and resources to accomplish this. Every Toronto property is different and nailing down an exact estimate for when to clean your windows is unfortunately impossible. The number of annual cleanings your windows require depend on many variables and circumstances. Consider the following factors and advice when figuring out when to clean them.

Quality and Amount of Precipitation

Sometimes rain and snow can give your windows a much needed sheen, but you need to remember that precipitation can also contain minerals and chemicals that can degrade your windows. Minerals from building run-off and any acidity in the rain will slowly wear away at an uncleaned window. Consider inspecting your windows after a large rainstorm to understand how rain is affecting your windows.

Amount of Pollution

While it may be hard to notice, consider whether your property is subjected to large amounts of pollution. If you in a very urban area bustling with cars, people, and buildings, chances are there is at least some pollution. The gases and heavy elements in polluted air will require to clean your windows more often to avoid corrosion and grime. If you wait too long to clean them, pollution can have greater negative effects on your indoor air quality as well. A property in a highly polluted area may require window cleaning as much as once or twice per week.

Amount of Dirt and Window Type

The amount of dirt buildup you see on your windows can vary wildly depending on your location in Toronto and your type of windows. Nearby masses of vehicular traffic and messy construction zones can cause lots of dirt to accumulate very quickly. As for your window itself, all windows deal with dirt different and could attract more or less depending on the type. Be sure to check how dirt accumulates on your window over time to see how your window type and particular area impacts your need to clean it.

Areas That Require More Cleaning

Grime, soil, and dirt will be more commonplace in some specific areas. If you are near a factory or forest, you could respectively see more pollution or dirt buildup. Other important areas that may affect your property’s windows include lakes, rivers, main roads, and any areas with lots of sand (i.e. a beach or construction zone) or industrial activity. Carefully consider what surrounds your property when choosing how much you need to clean them each year.

How Many Times Should I Clean My Windows Each Year?

As previously mentioned, there is no absolute answer to this question. It will take time and some quick but frequent inspections of your property to figure out the answer. If you want a very general average, cleaning your windows once or even twice a month usually yields good results; however, some properties could require even more cleanings. In the worst case, no Toronto property should go uncleaned for more than three months.

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