One of the newest innovations in window cleaning technology is the water fed pole cleaning system. It’s a revolutionary way to clean exterior windows safely and quickly using only water. The water fed pole system is changing the way that professional’s clean windows for homeowners. It’s a very simple system but one that delivers big results and makes it easier and safer to clean windows at great heights. Take a look at what the water fed pole cleaning system is and how it works:

The Water Fed Pole System

A water fed pole used for cleaning windows is a system that includes a pump and an expandable pole that has a specialized cleaning brush head. There is a hose that runs the full length of the tube. When the water is pumped through the hose and through the brush it shoots out at a very high pressure, similar to a pressure washer. But the water stream is easily controlled by the technician. The window cleaning technician uses the wet brush to clean the window with special purified and deionized water.

The wet brush is designed to loosen all the dirt and debris from the window using only the water. The water breaks the seal between the dirt and the window so that it can easily be brushed away and then rinsed off with the purified water. The purified water has no minerals that will leave residue or a chalky finish on the window so the window dries streak free and sparkling clean. The pole can be expanded up to a height of 70 feet so that cleaning techs on the ground can use it to reach even tall skylights or second or third story windows easily and safely.

Access Hard to Reach Small Spaces Safely

The water fed pole system enables window cleaners to get safely into small spaces where trucks or ladders wouldn’t fit, or wouldn’t be safe to use. For example, cleaning the exterior windows of a house on a big slope would be dangerous even for a professional because there wouldn’t be flat ground where the ladder could be safely put up. But using the water fed pole system a technician could easily clean the windows of a home that has a slope around it. Or in a situation where there is a fenced yard that doesn’t have a wide enough opening for a truck or even ground on which to put a ladder a window cleaning expert would be able to wheel in a small cart containing the water fed pole system and easily clean the windows on the home with that.

The Benefits of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning for Homeowners

Obviously using the water fed pole system is a lot safer for the technicians and window cleaning staff that come to clean your home’s windows. But the water fed pole system of cleaning exterior windows also has some big benefits for homeowners like:

Water-Fed Pole is Much Faster

Because the workers can stay safely on the ground and they don’t use anything but water to clean the windows the job can get done much faster than using traditional window cleaning methods. Experts estimate that using the water fed pole a window cleaning expert that knows how to properly work the equipment can clean the windows on a home 60% faster than before. So, for homeowners that means the job will take hours instead of days.

Because there is less time spent cleaning the windows the cost of the window cleaning will be less too. That’s a huge saving for homeowners and it can make it easier to get window cleaning done on a regular basis to keep your windows in good shape.

No Chemicals Means Non-Toxic Cleaning

If you have pets or kids that like to play in the yard when you have the windows cleaned and the technician uses the water fed pole system you won’t have to be afraid to let your pets or kids outside. They won’t get into any soapy residue because there won’t be any soapy residue that gets washed down into the plants and the yard around the house. Nothing will be used on your windows but purified water. That’s safer for your kids and your pets and better for the environment too.

Provides Sparkling, Streak-free Clean

Have you ever had your windows clean only to notice that they still look chalky or dirty afterward? Sometimes the soap doesn’t get washed away completely, or soapy residue from high windows can wash down on lower windows and give them a dirty appearance. And if hard water is used the minerals in the water can leave streaks and marks on the windows that make them look like they haven’t been cleaned. Due to the purified deionized water, a water fed pole cleaning system will leave all your windows sparkling clean without streaks.

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