Everybody knows that the gutters around the house must be cleaned. How frequently must it be cleaned though? Most people are unaware of this. Another question that we keep hearing is, ‘What’s the right time to clean the gutter?’ If you are one of the few who had these doubts, then here are the answers.

Cleaning regularly

To be honest, it depends. The rules are not set in stone and the ideal time to clean eavestroughs differ from one house to the other. It is however recommended that you clean it at least twice a year, once each in the fall and in spring. Professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies usually clean the gutters four times a year. This prevents any leaks from forming in the first place. Even if any leaks or holes do form in the gutter, it is repaired before the damage escalates into the house. This is why it is always better to hire professional gutter cleaners rather than trying to do the job yourself. But if you prefer the DIY route, then here are a few things that will help you decide the right time to clean your gutters.

The Type of debris

While leaves are considered to be the prime culprits behind most gutter problems, almost 70% of the time, blockages are caused due to plants that manage to grow in the rich silt that is washed into the gutters off the roof. So, you must inspect the gutters to know about the type of debris that is causing the problems. If its mostly leaves, then the end of fall will be the right time. If its plants and grass, then clean it before spring time.

The Location

If you have a beautiful countryside home near open fields with strong gusts of wind, then your gutters may need to be cleaned at least twice a year. On the other hand, homes in urban settings without too many trees near it, may not need gutter cleaning as frequently.

The Distance of trees from the home

The number of trees and their proximity from your roof determines how frequently your eavestrough needs to be cleaned and inspected. In some cases, gutters may need to be cleaned as many as three to four times a month during fall.

The Type of roof

Last but not the least, the type of roof you have will also determine the amount of debris that finds its way into the gutters. The slope, the roof material and the size of the roof can matter. The bigger the roof, more the silt and dirt that will weather off into the gutter. Similarly, some types of roofing systems are complicated and make it easier for any debris to make its way into the gutter. If you frequently find your guttering system clogged, then it is better to make it a habit to check it for signs of blockages.

Rather than trying to clean the gutter yourself every time, it’s a lot easier to hire professional gutter cleaning Toronto companies. They use skilled personnel and rely on advanced tools to clean your gutters in an effective manner.