Winter is finally over and now it’s time to get your home and your yard ready for spring. Spring cleaning can be a hectic time but getting your home gleaming clean inside and out will make your home ready for summer parties and picnics as well as making your home a place where you can really enjoy the nice weather.

As Window Cleaning People, we specialize in Toronto window cleaning, but there is much more to do when considering spring cleaning. Organization and preparation are critical to getting through spring cleaning quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the cleaning that gets done. So here are some tips from home experts on how to get ready to make your house look like new again this spring:

Build A Home Cleaning Plan

plastic binder to be used for spring cleaning planOften homeowners don’t take an organized approach to getting their spring cleaning done and as a result they end up forgetting some crucial cleaning tasks. The best way to make sure that everything gets done and nothing gets missed is to start a spring cleaning binder.

  1. Get a binder and plenty of sheet protectors to keep your papers safe from any cleaning related water.
  2. Divide your home into sections and make a list of cleaning tasks that need to be done for each section.
  3. Put a check box next to each task so that when it’s done you can check it off and write down the date it was completed.
  4. Add a bulleted list of the supplies you’ll need for each section and task.

Then after all the sections of the home are listed you can go through and make a list of all the supplies that you will need. If you’re feeling really organized you can color code the sections of the home.

Plan Ahead, Save Time And Only Shop Once

After you have your section list completed make a new list of all the supplies that you will need to clean your home inside and out. Some items like household cleaners and paper towels you can buy in bulk to save money. Then plan on a trip to the membership club store and the home improvement store to get everything you will need. It can be overwhelming to try and shop for the entire list in one day but it’s better to take one day and get all your supplies so that you have them all on hand. Plan on going to the store early, as soon as it opens, so that you can shop more quickly and won’t be hampered by crowds. Remember that everyone will be doing their spring cleaning so the supplies you need will be in high demand. If you get to the store early you are more likely to get the items you need.

Get Your Family Involved, Delegate Tasks

Everyone in the household should be pitching in to get the spring cleaning done. As a family sit down and go through the list of tasks and assign each family member to certain tasks. Kids should be responsible for deep cleaning their own bedrooms and helping out with other tasks. Even small children can dust and wipe down lower kitchen cabinets and help pick up brush and debris in the yard. Making spring cleaning a family activity so that it will get done faster.

Pick A Cleaning Weekend

Spring cleaning can be daunting. So pick one weekend that is going to be cleaning weekend and plan around it. That way no one can say they have a scheduling conflict to get out of their tasks. Make sure everyone in the household knows they are expected to be home cleaning that weekend.

Know Your Limits

Cleaning can be exhausting. So in order to prevent burnout and make sure that all the spring cleaning tasks get done take a look at the task list and make an honest assessment of your skills and limitation. If you know that no one in the house wants to deep clean the bathrooms look into hiring a cleaning crew to come in and clean the bathrooms so that you can focus on other tasks.

Tasks you should consider hiring a professional for:

  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Power washing; siding, patio, driveway, etc

These services have inherit dangers to them that may not seem apparent to most DIY homeowners. Eavestrough and gutter cleaning involves a lot of strenuous activity at heights. If you’re not 100% certain about ladder safety and what its required we recommend you call a Toronto eavestrough cleaning service rather than trying to do it yourself.

Likewise, power washing may seem a simple task but without the proper knowledge and training property can be damaged. so be sure call to get a quote for professional pressure washing to clean the exterior of the house, the roof, the driveway and other hard to clean areas that need to be cleaned. It also is a good time to have some assess the condition of the roof and get other outside jobs done. Start gathering quotes for these big jobs now and put the quotes in the binder so that you will have them when you need to schedule the services to be done.

Hiring experts to tackle big exterior or even interior cleaning jobs is a smart way to get them done right and get them done fast. The cost of hiring professionals is really an investment in keeping your home in good condition and looking great.