Cleaning the exteriors of your single or two storied home is not an easy job but a necessity many homeowners face every spring. It requires some deep cleaning tactics like power washing or pressure washing. Power washing or pressure washing are two terms that are both associated with cleaning the external area of your home and sometimes are used interchangeably but they are not the same!

Why Are They Not the Same?

The Window Cleaning People team often encounter homeowners that aren’t clear about the difference. Though power washing and pressure washing can be confused with one another, these terms have a distinct difference. It is because of this difference that specific applications are suited for either one of them.

What Exactly Is Power Washing?

The term ‘power washing’ is used when the washer ejects powerful force of hot water at the required temperature for cleaning purposes. The temperature can be set through the thermostat gauge and the heat and pressure both together help to clean off extremely dirty surface material in the external precincts of your home. The hot water helps to break down the mud, dirt, mould, mildew and other pollutes more easily than normal water. Materials suitable for heavy power washing are used for the purpose. Because of the force involved this type of cleaning is normally used on tough exterior surfaces like sidewalks, patios, fences, driveways or decks. The additional force of the machines tackles the dirt, grime and chewing gum stuck on to these areas.

What Exactly Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing involves the use of regular water instead of hot water as in power washing. The force of water is the key rather than the water temperature. The dirt, mildew, mould and other pollutants are driven away by the sheer force of water. Only hard surfaces in the surroundings of your house like your decks, sidewalks, fences, pathways, patios can be washed clean through this mode. There is a conspicuous absence of the heat gauge as maintenance of water temperature is not required. The main focus of the machine design is on water pressure. As in the case of power washing, heavy machinery is used for pressure washing too.

Power Washing Vs. Pressure Washing – Water Temperature Is the Key

The end objective of both the techniques is the same and that is a clean and sparkling look to the external surroundings of your home. The distinct differences between power washing and pressure washing can be outlined as below:

  • The main point of difference is the water temperature. power washers solely use hot water while pressure washers do not require temperature criterion.
  • Heat is combined with pressure in the power washers and this combination is lethal to the cleaning of all stubborn stains.
  • More precaution is needed to be taken in the context of a power washer due to the presence of hot high-pressure water.
  • Kinetic energy is present in greater amounts in water molecules ejected through a power washer and this enables items like chewing gum to be washed off easily from walls or sidewalks.
  • pressure washers are more suitable for washing off dirt and mud from concrete, bricks or masonry.
  • Heavy-duty cleaning tasks are effectively performed by power washers.
  • Many people refer to power washers as hot water pressure washers.

Both Are Effective Cleaning Methods

Effective handling of pressure or power washing is not a layman’s job and it is best left to a professional company that specializes in power washing service. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Pressure and power washing involve the use of heavy machinery and an in-depth knowledge of its working by the operator.
  • Incorrect application or use can damage property or cause serious injury to an operator.
  • The noise levels of high powered washers are exceedingly high calling for hearing protection.
  • Some pressure washing jobs may involve the use of ladders to reach inaccessible places. Roof-tops need to be cleaned and this requires the operator to have firm footing if the job has to be done successfully.
  • The risk element involved in the process of power washing, as well as pressure washing, necessitates it to be handled by experts in the field.

Regardless, Leave Service to A Professional

Power or pressure washing can easily become a calamity if left in inexperienced hands. The cleaning materials, pressure, water temperature, surface to be cleaned and the type of equipment used all play a significant role in determining how clean the surface gets. Additionally, the period of time it remains clean will also be decided by the way the work is being done. The professionals know what it takes to get even the most stubborn surfaces clean. They have the equipment, products, and insurance that guarantees the cleanliness of everything ranging from your deck to vinyl siding to paver stones each and every time. And, best of all they know when to use power washing and when pressure washing will prove more beneficial!