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Power Washing Brampton

Window Cleaning People is the right choice if you need to have your home, deck, garage or commercial building power washed. Our Brampton power washing services will clean just about anything. Whether you need to have a home cleaned because you’re trying to sell it or a deck cleaned off before you can stain it we can do that for you. We can do all jobs big and small.

Getting your home or other surfaces power washed at least once a year is a smart way to protect the investment that you’ve made in your home. Power washing will make your home look like it just had a fresh paint job and it will also reveal any potential problems in the wood or siding of your home. Finding those problems early could save you thousands of dollars.

Our professional cleaning teams work on your schedule so we can clean your home when it’s convenient for you even if you aren’t there. Our teams are fully licensed and insured so you won’t need to worry about your home or property.

There are many surfaces around your home that could benefit from power washing like:

• Decks
• Driveways
• Fences & Gates
• Gazebos
• Gutters
• Pool Decks
• Roofs
• Walkways, Sidewalks
• Stone, Masonry, and Bricks
• Moss & Mildew Removal
• Vinyl & Aluminum Siding
• Patios & Patio Furniture

Power washing can also help businesses clean up the exterior of their business and make it more inviting. Call us today for an estimate for a commercial power wash.

Why hire professionals?

Power washing looks like an easy job but it’s actually a dangerous job that should only be done by professionals that have had a lot of experience and training. Every year there are thousands of homeowners that think they will try power washing on their own and end up in hospital because they didn’t hire a professional power washer.

Using the pressure washer is difficult and should only be attempted by a professional. In addition to moving and using the heavy pressure washer technicians may need to climb high ladders and deal with keeping their balance high off the ground while using a pressure washer that is shooting out a strong water jet. Don’t take chances. Always hire a professional to power wash your home.

Safety is important and the best way to stay safe is to let a technician that has had extensive training and had experience pressure wash your home.
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  • Trained & Insured Technicians
  • Affordable Pricing

Why choose us?


Our mission from day one has been to make our customers happy and that will never change. We want you to love your home again and we want to help make that happen. Our teams are picked because of their skill and experience so that you will always be happy with the work that we do. And if you’re not happy we will work with you until you are.


Window Cleaning People has earned the trust and respect of many homeowners over the last 7 years. The homeowners in Brampton trust us to power wash their homes because they know that quality, safety and affordability matter to us. And we know that those things matter to you. We are committed to providing the best power washing service at the best price.

Why pressure wash
your Brampton home?

Getting your home pressure washed on a regular basis will save you time and money as well as making your home look great. That’s because getting your home professionally power washed will remove all the dirt and crud that builds up on your home and make it look dull and dirty. If you want your house to look freshly painted without the hassle and expense of a paint job getting your home pressure washed will do that. Another reason to get your home power washed is to clear away any debris if you are planning on getting your home painted or sided.

Or if you want to stain your deck or paint or refinish furniture. Power washing will remove all the dirt and make the desk, furniture or home ready to repainting or staining. It’s faster and easier to hire a professional to power clean than it is to try and clean the items yourself. Can you imagine how much time it would take to wash your siding by hand or try to scrub your deck before staining it? Window Cleaning People can do for you quickly and easily.

cleaning is Easy!

When gazing upon the windows of your Toronto residence, what catches your eye? If a dense layer of filth and grime catches your view, it’s a clear indication that professional window cleaning services are urgently needed.

At Window Cleaning People, our team is extremely focused on preserving the integrity of your interior windows through both eavestrough repair and routine cleaning. We’re not just any eaves cleaning company; we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service consistently, ensuring every corner of your home is completely free from debris and build-up. With us, you’re setting up dependable relationships for the long run, enhancing your home’s health and aesthetics with every service.

Why Choose window cleaning people?

  • Affordable pricing
  • Trained & Insured Technicians
  • 6-Day a Week Service
  • Clean, Sparkling Windows

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Safety first

Safety is a real concern when it comes to power washing and it’s the primary reason why you should hire a professional cleaning team to power wash your home. Our technicians have the skills and the years of experience needed to safely operate a power washer. Knowing how much pressure to use on various surfaces is something that a trained power washer operator learns over time, it’s not something that a homeowner can pick up by watching a video online.

If too much pressure is used the power washer could damage the surface of the home by ripping off siding, putting holes in masonry walls, or breaking windows and roof shingles. Trying to power wash your home by yourself could end up resulting in lots of property damage. At Window Cleaning People all of our techs are insured against property damage and have the training and experience to know how to avoid property damage.

Keeping yourself safe is another reason why you should hire professionals to power wash your home. There’s a lot more to power washing than just operating a pressure washer, although that is dangerous too. But operating a pressure washer while trying to balance on a residential ladder and in other precarious positions is just asking for trouble.

We give all of our Window Cleaning People teams that best professional grade equipment from power washers to commercial grade ladders and the best protective gear so that they are always safe. Don’t take chances with your own safety. Always hire the professionals for your Brampton pressure washing needs and let us take care of power washing your home, deck, garage, or commercial building so that you can stay safely on the ground and out of harm’s way.

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