Windows and screens contribute in a big way towards the overall look of a home or an office. Besides ensuring adequate ventilation while eliminating bugs from entering, they heighten the aesthetics of any building. However, they serve the intended purpose only if they are clean and in a tip-top condition.

Importance of Cleaning Screens and Windows

Window screens and windows both have to be given equal attention when the question of maintaining them arises. Window screens offer a range of benefits with the most important one being preventing pests like wasps and flies from entering your home. Windows can be kept open without the bother of pests. This enables the occupants to enjoy the cool fall breeze and bask in the bright sunlight that may shine into the house.

Debris and dirt get accumulated in window screens with the passage of time. Chances of bugs getting collected too cannot be ruled out and it is difficult to remove them easily. Besides looking messy, they act as big minuses when it comes to ascertaining the attractiveness of your home’s external appearance.

As for the windows, we often tend to procrastinate doing their cleaning especially the exteriors. If left unattended for long periods, irreversible damage can occur due to scratching of windows and frames. It has to be remembered that the curb appeal of your home is enhanced by clean windows and screens. Hence maintaining them has to be given top priority.

How To Clean A Window Screen

Undertake regular cleaning of your screens and you will be surprised at how crystal-clear they can be. Here’s how you do it:

  • Removal of screens: Removing and marking the screens for easy identification during reinstallation is the first step.
  • Clean with a vacuum: A gentle vacuuming of the screens will help the dust, loose dirt, pollen, spider webs etc. to be removed easily.
  • Clean with soapy water: Keeping the screen in an upright position wash gently with a sudsy sponge immersed in soapy water. Clean over from top to bottom on both the sides.
  • Rinse screens: Wash away the soap by rinsing the screens with the help of a hose running at low pressure. Ensure that you do not exert pressure as otherwise, the screen can loosen from the spline. In the absence of a hose, you can rinse them under the bathroom shower ensuring that the shower head is set at a lower setting.
  • Drying & Reinstallation: Excess water, if any, can be absorbed with the help of a towel and the screens should be left to air-dry. They can be reinstalled after they have been dried.

How To Clean Your Window

Following guidelines explain how you can get the job of cleaning your windows done with ease:

  • Removal of screens: Removal of window screens is the basic step for cleaning your windows. If your windows extend up to the ceiling, you will require a ladder to do the job.
  • Begin from the inside: Use a solution of vinegar and cool water mixed in a spray bottle and a rolled up or a folded newspaper. A newspaper is a cheaper substitute to paper towels. Start from the upper part of your windows from the inside. Spray the solution and wipe it clean with the newspaper.
  • Move on to the outside of your windows: On the exterior portion, clean from left to right as this helps in easy identification of streaks, if any.
  • Removal of streaks: Apply a little more of the solution and wipe the streaks away.

Alternately, you can clean your windows with a window cleaning solution and squeegee. If your windows are huge or excessively dirty, you can also clean them with a pressure washer.

Hire Someone To Clean Your Screens and Windows

Clean and clear screens and windows offer a number of benefits. The task of cleaning can be either done by you or you can get it done by professionals. If you have a larger home which has a number of windows, it is wiser to hire a professional to do the job. There are several Toronto companies who offer cleaning services for windows and screens. Hiring cleaning services from an established company prove advantageous in a number of ways.

  • Professional companies have expert staff and necessary equipment to ensure effective and efficient cleaning operations.
  • No area is left uncovered and they work till the windows and screens look anew.
  • Cleaning tall windows or those at a height can be a little risky and the job is best left to the experts.
  • You can continue with your regular schedule without the bother of doing the cleaning chore.
  • You save your time and energy.

The cost of cleaning windows and screens from professionals is not daunting. There are companies who provide affordable and efficient services.

Maintenance Provides Long Lasting Window & Screen Performance

Maintaining clean screens and windows ensures their long life and gives an easy and clear view of the outside. Clean windows uplift the mood of your house besides catching the attention of the passer-by or visitors.