Many Toronto property owners are unaware that unmaintained windows can eventually become corroded and might even need to be replaced. Though you would normally think that glass is so durable that weather and even dirt can have no negative effects on it, glass is actually a nearly frozen liquid that can absorb particles into the pores it contains along its surface. Interested in learning more about this phenomenon that can cost you in huge repair bills? Read ahead to get a better understanding of glass degradation and how it can affect your property.

So What Is It Exactly?

Glass degradation is when a layer of glass is left exposed to different types of particles for a long period of time. These particles can invade the pores of the glass and ultimately contaminate what used to be only glass. As an ultra-slow liquid, glass has the capacity to take in these particles if enough time passes, and this will unfortunately modify the glass layer’s fundamental makeup on a molecular level. Just keep in mind that glass windows are not actually solid and are thereby susceptible to particle contamination.

How Does It Happen?

The particles to watch out for are those supplied by hard minerals and hard water. They can become prevalent due to a sprinkler system, some building run-off, or even the weather. Such water and minerals can cause small perforations and blemishes in glass when given enough time. For windows with metallic frames or screens, you also need to keep an eye out for oxidization (i.e. rust buildup) since this will cause degradation as well. These (as well as mold buildup from excess moisture) are pervasive problems for property owners in Toronto who don’t keep their windows cleaned regularly.

What Happens If I Don’t Acknowledge the Problem?

If for whatever reason you are unable to maintain your windows with frequent cleaning, your windows may need a restoration treatment. In the case that it is too late to save the window by restoring it, you will need to remove the window altogether and install a new one. Both restoration and replacement are far more expensive than paying for window cleaning services (whether you outsource or do-it-yourself). Unfortunately small cracks and scratches on the glass are only the beginning of your problems. The spread of dirt and mold will also likely destroy and deteriorate areas around your windows.

How Can I Fix Glass Degradation?

Once the state of your glass has hit a point of no return, a replacement could become mandatory. If it is still redeemable, however, you should be able to restore it for less money. In the best case scenario, your window only needs to be cleaned and maintained as such from here on out. Since glass degradation is usually a result of the particles that take refuge on your window, cleaning your windows will not only make them more aesthetically pleasing, but it will combat degradation and keep your glass strong for years to come.

Worried that your property may be experiencing a case of glass degradation? Address the issue now to avoid future damages. Window Cleaning People in the Toronto area has a host of experienced technicians that can help you redeem your windows before it’s too late!