Winter can be here even before you even realize and hence, most experts suggest getting your house ready for the onslaught of snow and ice, while the temperatures are still bearable. One of the most important tasks is to get your gutters ready for winter. Its one of the most hated chores around the house. But a very important one. Once the last leaf has fallen to the ground, its time to get the gutters ready for the cold.

There are two reasons why winterizing your gutter is crucial.

  1. There will be leaves in the gutter especially if there are tress near the periphery of your home. This will cause blockages that can cause water to accumulate and impede the performance of the guttering system.
  2. If this water freezes, it will cause ice dams, which will eventually lead to leaks in the walls of the house.

Winterizing prevents these problems from occurring and ensures that your gutters keep the water away from your home, despite the onslaught of the weather.

Why cleaning is not enough

In warmer seasons, eavestrough cleaning is usually enough to keep the debris out of your gutters. But before winters, you will need to ensure that the downspouts are inspected, any clogs or blockages are cleared, the pitch of the guttering system is checked, any leaks in the gutter are repaired and the gutters are securely mounted to your home. Along with preventing blockages, it also prepares your gutters to take the weight of snow and ice. The seams must be inspected for any wear and tear. If there is a leak near a seam or a joint, then you must remove any debris and any water near it, scrape away the old sealer with a screwdriver or a scraper and apply a coat of gutter sealant.

Repairing holes

If your gutter had water backing up over a period of months, it can cause rusting in certain spots. If it is a steel gutter, then the rusted spots will form holes. Even branches that can find a way into your guttering system can poke holes through the gutters, especially in aluminum and copper gutters. Repairing holes in the gutter is an experts job. But if you haven’t hired a professional gutter cleaning company Toronto, then here are a few steps to help you finish the task. Clean the area near the hole and scrape it with a stiff wire brush. Apply a coat of roofing cement around the hole. You will need a small piece of metal to patch the hole with. It must be the same metal as the gutter is. Set this piece of metal in the damaged area and cover it once again with a coat of roofing cement.

Preventing Ice Dams

There are several ways to prevent ice dams from damaging your roof. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to attach a deicing cable along the roof’s edge to generate heat and melt away any snow into the gutter. Winterizing your gutters may seem like a simple task. But it demands the skills and expertise of a professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto company.