Dirty windows can eclipse the beauty of most magnificent sceneries, as a layer of stain also prevents the passage of light inside the room. Hence, it is essential to keep the windows spotless. It improves your visibility, enhances the décor and welcomes the natural light into your room. It is not easy to clean all types of spots from the windowpane. The hard-water spots are hardest to clean. You often cannot remove these spots using conventional cleaning solutions. To remove hard-water stains, you need to use special tools and cleansers.

What Causes Hard Water Stains?

It may not be possible to wipe the rainwater off the windows every time and raindrops can cause hard-water stains after drying on the windowpanes. Also, concrete walkways may also be responsible for hard-water stains. The concrete has lime in it and this lime may bounce up due to the rain falling, landing on windowpanes and leading to hard-water stains. Additionally, the iron-filled water dripping from the metal fly-screen or eaves trough may also cause hard-water staining.

Stain Removal Processes

Judging resistance of hard-water stains by appearance won’t help. Some stains are harder to remove in comparison to others despite the lighter appearance. Remove these stains in two different processes. Use a homemade solution of water and vinegar or a gentle cleaning solution that is suitable for the removal of hard-water stains.

DIY Hard Water Stains Removal Solution

Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:2 to remove the hard-water stains.

  • Soak a coarse towel in this solution and smear the hard-water spots with this solution. Let the solution sit for a minute or two. The acid of vinegar softens the minerals present in hard-water and makes it easier for you to remove the stains.
  • Use the coarse towel to rub onto the spots until the stains disappear. It may take a little while to completely remove the spots. You may need to repeat the process twice/thrice. Make sure you rub onto the stains in circular and linear strokes.
  • Wipe the windows dry immediately after removing the spots. It can prevent any chance of future spotting.

Stain Removal Using Commercial Cleansers

Stubborn hard-water spots may need something stronger than the homemade water and vinegar solution. In this scenario, you may need a commercial remover for the hard-water stains. The chemical inside the hard-water stain removers may not damage the windowpanes. These chemicals may damage the tiles or metal present near the windows. Hence, cover these areas before applying cleanser on the windowpanes.

Essential Tools for Cleaning

You’ll likely need some special tools when cleaning the hard-water stains using commercial cleansers. For example, a pair of cleaning gloves to save hands from chemical damage ad a soft scouring pad is essential to clean the spots without scratching the glass surface. Also, add a squeegee and washer in the list of necessary cleaning tools. A clean cloth is also essential to wipe off the water after finishing the cleaning process.

How To Remove The Hard Water Stains?

  1. Apply the stain remover onto a clean surface. Thus, spotlessly clean the windowpanes before applying the stain removal.
  2. Use the squeegee and the washer to scrape off debris from the glass surface.
  3. Mix the stain remover with water. Dab this thin paste on the spots using a scrubber.
  4. Use the scrubbing pad to rub on the hard-water stains for at least 3-4 minutes. Clean the paste in between rubbing to check the improvement and may continue the process accordingly.
  5. It is essential to wash off the solution immediately after the removal of stains. It is hard to remove this solution once it becomes dry. Use the washer and a squeegee to remove the solution.
  6. Finish up with  a soft cloth to dry the window and prevent any staining due to the remaining water.

Hire A Pro To Get It Done Right

It is not easy for a homeowner to remove the hard-water stains with chemical solutions and scouring pads alone. You could end up damaging a lovely windowpane with the pressure at the time of rubbing. A wrong scrubbing pad may also damage the windowpanes. It may have an extremely coarse texture unsuitable for the silica-based surface. Hence, you might want to call on your local Toronto window cleaners (Window Cleaning People for instance) if you find the task cumbersome or cannot remove the hard-water stains with homemade solutions. Since window-cleaning professionals have knowledge and skills about perfect cleaning solutions and scrubbing tools, your windowpanes will get a spotless and shiny makeover without damage, easily and quickly.