Gutters are one of the most common and obvious parts of any households but have you ever thought about their importance? Architects and other experts keep telling us to clean our gutters, and many homeowners are hiring gutter cleaning services these days, but do you know why? We all know that a clogged gutter system is bad for the foundation of our home but we need to understand all the intricacies behind it to realize its true importance.

Do You Really Need Gutters On Your House?

heavy rain falling on a house, going into eavestroughing systemTo understand their true importance, first, you need to know everything that your gutter does for you. Your gutter system redirects any water or precipitation that might otherwise accumulate on your roof. It is a drainage system to avoid the ill-effects of stored water in the vulnerable parts of your house. The drainage system ensures that your roof and exterior walls stay dry and safe while the water is redirected to a safe place.

Can a little rain really hurt your house? What they fail to understand is that even a little rain pours a large amount of water on your roof which if left unchecked will damage your house. The water flow is a powerful force that can do irrevocable damage to your home and destroy the foundation of your home. Not only will the accumulated water compromise the foundation of your home, but will also fall through your exterior walls and destroy the ground or any plants you have grown there.

The water can rust metals, can cause your wooden wall interiors to swell and split, and suck all the minerals out of the concrete which will affect and compromise its strength. It will also cause mould damage, which will completely ruin your home. By redirecting this damaging and destroying water away from your home, your gutter is protecting and saving you from all such issues.

Why Is It Important To Have Gutters?

If you are still undecided about the true importance of gutters, here are some ways gutter safeguards and protects your home.

  1. Protects your exterior wall

While your interior wall is well protected and covered, your exterior walls are open and unprotected to various natural phenomenon and calamities. Without a gutter installed on your roof, the water will freely run off the roof and fall through the walls. Along with the damaging water, you will also have to deal with splashed dirt and debris falling on your fascia, soffit, and your exterior walls. The result will be staining on your exterior walls which will destroy the entire look of your home, rotting, and weathering. Therefore, by redirecting all the water, your gutter is protecting your exterior wall and the entire face of your house.

  1. Prevents Soil Erosion

Without the gutter and its water redirecting technology, any excess rainwater will fall straight on to the ground. The force of the falling water and its speed is bound to disrupt the ground and erode the soil. Your rich and nutrient-filled topsoil that provides the required sustenance to your plants and trees will get compromised. All the nutrients will be washed down and your plants and trees will starve. The soil erosion will also cause irrevocable damage to the foundation of your home. Therefore, it is your gutter that is protecting your topsoil from getting eroded.

  1. Protects your garden and landscape

Along with eroding the nourishing top-soil, the water spillovers will also destroy any plant life that you may be growing around your home. It is not uncommon for people to plant shrubs, flowers, and trees around their home to make their house more aesthetically pleasing. Without the gutter, all the excess water will flow to the plant beds and get accumulated. The excessive water will keep your plants and obliterate all your landscaping attempts. If you want to protect your landscape, a gutter is essential.

  1. Prevents basement flooding

Without gutters, all the rainwater will accumulate on the roof and seep through the various layers to flood your basement and damage the foundation of your house.  The water will saturate the shingles and leak through the roof’s underlying structure. This means rusting of any metal décor pieces, swelling and rotting of all the wooden attachments, and much more. The wet insulation will also compromise your home’s energy performance and can cause short-circuits and other unfortunate electrical accidents. All these will lead to a weak and cracked inner roof and can easily flood your basement in rainy seasons. Your gutter averts all these problems and protects your home from such unfortunate events.

Now that you understand the importance of gutters and all that they do for you, you will realize the necessity of keeping it clean and unclogged. A clogged and unclean gutter will stop the drainage process and will cause all the problems discussed above. You need to clean your gutters at least twice a year to ensure proper functioning and protection. Our expert Toronto gutter cleaners from Window Cleaning People are standing by to help you solve your problems, call us today.