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Eavestrough – Gutter Cleaning in Stouffville

It’s time to clean your eavestroughs again and you’re not sure you want to do it yourself this year. Who do you call? For many Stouffiville residents, there is only one clear choice.  Call the Window Cleaning People – we are trained to clean and inspect eavestroughs to make sure they are draining properly and not causing damage to your property.

Why call the Window Cleaning People?

At The Window Cleaning People, we use only trained insured and bonded technicians to clean and inspect your eavestroughs. Our team works six days a week, so we can accommodate almost anyone’s busy schedule. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will make sure you have answers to any questions you may have.  At The Window Cleaning People, we have competitive and reasonable rates when compared to other eavestrough cleaners in Stouffville.

The Window Cleaning People can take the hassle, stress, and anxiety out of cleaning your eavestroughs. We do the work, and clean up any debris that has fallen along the base of the home on your property. We even come prepared to repair or replace any damaged areas of your eavestroughs or downspouts.  When our technicians are finished the job, you can rest assured that you eavestroughs will be draining properly to prevent damage to your home or commercial building. You don’t even have to be there when the work is done, which means your schedule won’t be interrupted.

Window Cleaning People - your local Eavestrough Cleaning Company.

What are the benefits of hiring the Window Cleaning People?

There are many benefits to hiring the Window Cleaning People including less stress and anxiety for you; not having to rearrange your schedule or spending half of your day off doing the job; as well the fact that it can actually cost you less to pay a professional like the Window Cleaning People to clean your eavestroughs rather than trying to do it yourself.

By hiring the trained insured and bonded technicians from the Window Cleaning People you do not have to worry about huge medical bills or days lost from work possibly without pay because you fell off the ladder or the roof. You also do not have to worry that the job was not done properly causing damage to your structure or landscaping of your property.

 Questions and answers

Will I have anything to clean up after the job is done?     No you will have no clean up. Once the eavestroughs are cleaned, our technicians then pick up any debris that has fallen near the base of your structure.

Do I have to be there?   No you do not have to be there as the work is outside the building you are free to follow your usual routine.

What if there are repairs that have to be done?   If the technicians find any damage to the gutters or downspouts they will alert you before making any repairs if you wish they will do the repair right then.

What is usual cost?  The cost for your eavestrough cleaning will depend on the size of your building, one story, two stories, etc. We will explain all costs during your free estimate.

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Why Choose Window Cleaning People?

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«WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Window Cleaning company Toronto I have ever seen. That’s why you see so many Window Cleaning People signs on peoples lawns! The customer service is great and technicians do an excellent eavestrough cleaning and window cleaning in Markham! I called them for a free estimate and the person who showed up was very polite and professional. They have an amazing discounts for all new customers. Very professional and relileble company, WOW- AMAZING!”
Dana Ford, Markham, On
“My home has been serviced by the Window Cleaning People for over a year now. And I can honestly say they are one of the best window cleaning companies Toronto that I have been able to work with!”
James Wilson, Toronto, On
Eavestrough Cleaning Solutions for Stouffville

How Often Should You Clean Your Eavestroughs?

Homeowners often wonder when the best time of the year to clean their eavestroughs is. But any professional eavestrough cleaner will tell you that choosing the perfect time to clean the eavestroughs depends on a lot of different factors like the weather, how many trees are around your home, and when they were last cleaned. If you have never had your eavestroughs cleaned, or if it’s been many years since you cleaned them, now is the time to get them cleaned out by a professional eavestrough cleaning company.

Once they are clean you can talk to the eavestrough cleaners about getting on a regular eavestrough cleaning schedule based on how often your individual home needs eavestrough cleaning. If you have many trees near your home you will probably need to have your eavestroughs cleaned more frequently than someone with a home that has no close trees.

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Affordable Eavestrough Cleaning Saves Homeowners Money.

Professional eavestrough cleaning doesn’t cost as much as you might think. And compared to the alternative the cost is actually very cheap. The alternative is that if you don’t clean the eavestroughs, or if you try to do it yourself and don’t get all the debris and water out of the eavestroughs that water can seep into the foundation of your home through small cracks and breaks in the walls.

Eventually, that water will cause damage to the foundation of your home that is very expensive to fix. And, if you don’t get your eavestroughs professionally cleaned you run the risk of your eavestroughs themselves becoming damaged and needing to replace which is also very expensive.

Eavestrough Cleaning Solutions for Stouffville