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Richmond Hill Eavestrough Cleaning

Whether your Richmond Hill property is commercial or residential, it is import to try to maintain the property value by doing regular scheduled maintenance. But some properties might forget about eavestrough cleaning and maintenance. Many do not even consider what happens with neglected eavestroughs until they have a major issue.

How often should you clean your eavestroughs?

The eavestroughs should be cleaned twice a year and inspected for damage. These cleanings should be scheduled once in the spring and once in late fall after all the leaves have fallen. This will keep them draining water properly and the water running away from your building instead of causing basement damage.

It’s true – eavestroughs that do not drain properly can lead to wood root, mold and mildew and even basement damage. A leaky basement with mold or mildew or both can cause your property value to drop, as can wood rot. These situations also result in expensive repairs being needed.

Tips for selecting the right eavestrough cleaning company in Richmond Hill

Rely on The Window Cleaning people for your eavestrough cleaning needs

At The Window Cleaning People, we service the Richmond Hill area, including both residential and commercial properties. Our team is well trained and consists of friendly technicians who will arrive on time for your job. When the job is complete, there will be no fallen debris or leaves left behind for you to clean up around the base area of your building.

We will not only clean sticks, leaves, and other debris from the eavestroughs, be we will also inspect gutters and downspouts for damage and be able to repair that damage for your right then during our visit. We will alert you first of any damage before doing a repair and get your acceptance to do the repair first.

How expensive is professional gutter cleaning?

Having a professional clean your eavestroughs is not as expensive as you may think. First though let’s look at what could possibly be higher costs to you if you do not hire professionals.

Non-professional eavestrough cleaning

If you do it yourself or hire a non-professional, there are a number of things that could go wrong:

  • A fall from the roof – even one story – could cause broken limbs, head injuries, and other medical issues. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars in hospital and doctor fees
  • Damage to roof or eavestrough from improper ladder placement or a fall
  • Missed work and pay due to fall
  • Handyman may not be insured or bonded which means your insurance will be on the hook

The true potential cost of hiring a non-professional is simply not worth it!

Professional eavestrough cleaning by Window Cleaning People

When you hire the Window Cleaning People, you get insured, bonded, and well trained technicians to do the work.  Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service members answer any questions you have. Our technicians will show up to your Richmond Hill location will all the professional tools needed for the job and be able to do repairs that day. When we are finished, there will be no debris or fallen leaves left around the base of the building for you to clean up.

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Richmond Hill Eavestrough Cleaning

Gutter Maintenance Basics For Homeowners

Gutters are an important part of the defenses that your home has against weather damage. When your gutters are clogged or damaged that can cause water, leaves, and debris to back up into the walls of your home and into the basement and the foundation of your home too. Keeping your gutters clear is critically important. The best way to keep your gutters in good shape is to get regular gutter cleaning done by a professional gutter cleaning company.

Professional gutter cleaners have the experience, training, and equipment to safely clean out all of your gutters. Profession gutter cleaners also can spot damage or weak spots before your gutters fail and cause water to leak into your home. When it comes to maintaining your gutters you should always hire professional gutter cleaners to make sure your gutters are damage free and clog free.

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Save Money By Hiring Professional Eavestrough Cleaners

Hiring professional eavestrough cleaners in Richmond Hill can save homeowners a lot of money and headaches by preventing damage to their homes. Clogged eavestroughs can cause water to back up or seep into the walls of the home. Once water gets inside it can cause water damage and it can even result in black mold growing in the walls and throughout the home. Water seeping near the foundation can leak into the foundation and over time that can cause large cracks in the foundation that can be extremely expensive to repair because they can be hard to spot until it’s already too late and the damage has been done.

Richmond Hill Eavestrough Cleaning