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Eavestrough – Gutter Cleaning in Markham

Spring is usually a time most property owners in Markham spend in general maintenance of their property, cleaning up debris from the lawn after the winter storms, cleaning the house and airing it out. It is also the time to have your eavetroughs cleaned.

If you own a property either residential or commercial, you should maintain the eavestroughs by scheduling cleaning with The Window People twice a year. That schedule should be spring and late fall after all the leaves have fallen.

If you are young and somewhat handy you may think you can save money by doing this yourself, but do you know what to look for when inspecting the eavestroughs and downspouts? Did you even know that you should inspect the gutters when you clean them for damage?

Your local Eavestrough Cleaning Company in Markham

What problems can arise from eavestroughs that are not cleaned properly?

When eavestroughs are not cleaned and inspected properly twice a year the result can be costly. Consequences of neglecting one’s eavestroughs include wood rot as well water damage in the basement and to the landscaping. When eavestroughs leak instead of draining properly, the water can then cause water to seep into the basement causing water damage, mildew, and mold.

Mildew and mold can cause problems for anyone with allergies or breathing problems. Once there is mold or mildew you usually have to pay to have it removed properly. If your basement is finished it could cost even more when you figure in any wood, paneling, carpet, etc., that will also have to be replaced due to mold and mildew.

Another problem with homeowners cleaning their own eavestroughs is the potential for a fall from the ladder or roof, causing broken bones, head injuries, and lost time from work along with high medical bills.

How can you avoid all this? Call the Window Cleaning People in Markham.

What to expect from the Window Cleaning People

When you call or visit the website of the Window Cleaning People you can expect fast friendly service. We will give you a free estimate and set an appointment for cleaning and inspecting your eavestroughs.

On the day of the appointment, our trained, insured and bonded technicians will arrive on time with all the tools they need to professionally clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts. If they find any damage, they will alert you to it immediately and get your consent to do the repairs. When the job is done they will remove any fallen leaves and debris from around the base of your home leaving the area clean for you.

With the six days a week The Window Cleaning People work, there is certainly a time we can fit into yours or anyone’s busy schedule. You do not even have to be there for the work to be done, as the work is all outside, you can go about your busy schedule as usual without interruption to your day.

The cost is reasonable and based on the number of stories to your Markham residence or commercial building. Call or use the free online tool to get your free estimate today!

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Eavestrough - Gutter Cleaning in Markham

5 Ways That Professional Eavestrough Cleaning Prevents Damage

Waiting too long to clean your eavestroughs, or have them professionally cleaned by eavestrough cleaners, can cause major damage to your home. If your eavestroughs get clogged with water and debris they can back up or break and cause big problems in your home. Professional eavestrough cleaning prevents problems like:

  • Basement flooding – Clogged eavestroughs can cause water to flood the basement.
  • Water damage to walls – water from eavestroughs that are clogged can leak into walls and ceilings.
  • Foundation problems – Water backing up from eavestroughs can cause water leaks in the foundation.
  • Mold growth- Toxic mold can grow from dirty eavestrough water inside the house.
  • Broken eavestrough joints- The eavestrough joints can clog and buckle or break.
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Choosing The Best Eavestrough Cleaning Company

When you are choosing a professional eavestrough cleaning company one thing that you should look for is a company that carries full insurance on their eavestroughs cleaners. Of course, well trained and experienced eavestrough cleaners are good at their jobs but mistakes and accidents do happen occasionally.

A reliable eavestrough cleaning company will carry full insurance on their employees so that your home will be protected if there is an accident or any accidental damage. Carrying insurance on their professional eavestroughs cleaners should tell homeowners that a company is responsible and reliable and can be trusted to have their workers working on your home.

Eavestrough - Gutter Cleaning in Markham