You have probably been hearing a lot about water fed pole window cleaning and how it’s a revolutionary window to clean windows and leave them looking fantastic. The secret to the way that a water fed pole system works for cleaning windows is that it only used deionized purified water. That’s it. No soap or chemicals. Just pure deionized water. That’s safer for you and your family and your plants because it means that there won’t be any soapy runoff that could be toxic to your family, your kids, or your pets. And it won’t kill any plants or young trees that you have around your home. But how can water alone clean exterior windows that have a build-up of dirt and debris?

The Power of Water

Deionized water that has no minerals in it leaves windows beautifully clean without any streaking or chalky finish. When a window technician uses a water fed pole system to clean your exterior windows they use the brush and the water itself to clean the windows. When the deionized water is pumped through the hose connected to the pole it shoots out with great force. That force is harnessed by the technician who uses a special wet brush to clean the dirt from the windows. The deionized water breaks the seal between the dirt and the glass which loosens the dirt and allows it to be washed away by the power of the water. And because the water is pure there is nothing left on the window. That’s how a water fed pole system can get even second or third story windows sparkling clean with just the power of water.

Easy Window Cleaning Anywhere

A water fed pole system is also quite compact so that the technician can use it in areas where ladders or trucks can’t be used. If there is a slope around your house that makes it difficult or dangerous to put up tall ladders the water fed pole system is the perfect way to get your windows clean. The water container and pump system can fit onto a small cart or sometimes into a kit the size of a backpack that can fit into almost any size space.

Of if you’re your home is adjacent to an alley or is fenced and there isn’t a large enough opening for a lot of equipment the technician can easily maneuver a water fed pole cleaning system inside so that all of your exterior windows can be reached.

The Benefits of Deionized Water Cleaning

A water fed pole system that uses deionized water has a lot of benefits for homeowners. Not using any soap or chemicals to clean the windows is obviously better for the health and safety of your family, your kids and your pets. No one wants their pets or kids playing outside and coming into contact with the runoff from window cleaning that contains powerful detergents or chemical reside. But water fed pole cleaning is also better for the landscaping around your home. There’s no danger to plants, shrubs or trees that might be adjacent to the house. And you don’t have to worry about your plants being exposed to toxic runoff when a technician uses a water fed pole system to clean your windows.

But if you are worried about the environment and you choose to live in an environmentally friendly way then water fed pole cleaning is the best choice for you when it comes to window washing. There will be no soap or chemicals that might get into the groundwater or hurt the ecosystem. Pure mineral free water is the only runoff when your windows are cleaned professionally using a water fed pole system. And dirt, of course.

Water fed pole systems that use deionized water to clean windows are also safer for your home. There is no soap or reside or mineral debris that can get onto the siding of your home or your roof or other windows that can cause damage over time. And because only water is used to clean the windows when the window frames are cleaned you won’t need to worry about soaps or chemicals breaking down the seal on the windows or damaging the window frames. The pure mineral free water will provide a good cleaning for the window frame and the surrounding siding as well for the window.

Water fed pole cleaning is the best way to clean exterior windows. If you have been putting off getting your exterior windows cleaned because you didn’t want soaps and harsh chemicals used to clean your windows, call a window cleaning company today and ask for water fed pole cleaning for your exterior windows. You’ll get the sparkling windows that you want with just the power of pure deionized water.