Let’s face it: there’s a reason why the squeegee has gotten such a great reputation among window cleaners. Not only do squeegees eliminate streaks, but they also make sure that all of the dust, soap residue, and water is stripped from the window.

But don’t be fooled! Window cleaning with a squeegee can be a little intimidating. There is a right way and wrong way to clean windows. If it’s done improperly, you may leave streaks and a buildup of your cleaning solution. Whether you have picture windows or not, our tips will help complete the job well. Before beginning your DIY project, shop Ettore or Unger to help you become the best window washer in town.

There is something so euphoric about clean windows that adds to the curb appeal of your home. Though the task can seem daunting, it can be done seasonally and it adds a big impression to your humble abode. If you can’t schedule time to clean your own windows, you can consider hiring a professional to get the job done.

It’s because of this that we have developed a six-step process of cleaning windows with a squeegee. These are pro tips that will leave your windows so clean that you’ll forget it’s even there. More good news? This can also be used on shower doors.

Read below for some of our favourite window cleaning tips!

1. Prep area

roll of plastic for floor prep

Preparing your area before is an important step

Ready to begin your window washing? The first step of cleaning glass surfaces is to make sure that your area is prepared. Lay down towels or tarps so you don’t get water on your hardwood floors or furniture.

You can expect excess water to drip down as you squeegee your window, so provide a towel or other protective products to ensure that the water doesn’t damage your window sill or other surrounding areas. The preparation stage is crucial to a window cleaning that you feel good about!

2. Wipe down window frames

window frame after cleaning

Make sure to clean off your window frame

Window frames and surrounding baseboards are a magnet for dust and dirt. Before you get to the squeegee part, make sure that the baseboards and the window sill are thoroughly cleaned. If you have excess grime around your work area, it may contaminate your perfectly cleaned glass.

You can use a duster or vacuum to whisk away the dirt. However, we have found that a more thorough cleaning often provides a better result. The best way to clean your window frames is using soapy water. Wipe down the surface withna wet cloth and carefully collect any dust that has built-up overtime. Once you’re completed, you’re ready to begin your DIY window cleaning.

3. Use cleaning solution

vinegar and water is a good

Water and vinegar can be a powerful window cleaning solution

Mix a cleaning solution of hot water and dishwashing liquid or warm water and vinegar. The window cleaning solution can be used in a spray bottle. Squirt the surface down and begin. Some suds won’t hurt the process – let the cleaning solution set you up for an incredible clean. Be generous when spraying your window cleaner.

Begin the process by thoroughly soaking the windows and scrubbing with a microfiber cloth, steel wool, or scrubber. These can be purchased on Amazon. The most important thing to make sure of is that your cloths are lint-free, so you don’t add dirt as you wash windows. You’ll want to avoid paper towels for this step, as they can begin to crumble small bits of paper on the window. We also recommend that you do not use hard water. Hard water is much more likely to leave streaks and imperfections.

Our easy window cleaning solutions work better than any glass cleaner that you can buy in your local department store. Avoid window screens to ensure that you don’t damage the fragile mesh while washing windows.

You may even want to consider removing your window screen so you can comfortably attend to both the exterior and interior of the window without restriction.

4. Use squeegee


A squeegee is the best way to clean a window

Now is the fun part! You’re going to carefully eliminate excess water. A window squeegee is a handheld tool with a rubber blade at the end. If you have high windows, you can purchase an extension pole to assist.

Use the window squeegee to move horizontally from the top of the window done. You’ll want to position your window cleaning tool on an angle to ensure that the water drips down the window pane.

When it comes to your squeegee blade, you’ll want to replace it semi-frequently to ensure that you’re left with a streak-free window. If you purchase a new squeegee blade every spring cleaning, you should be pleasantly surprised with your result.

As you continue to move forward and backward with your squeegee, you’ll see water fall down the window pane. By maintaining steady pressure on your window cleaning tool, you’ll experience streak-free windows that are worth calling the neighbours about!

The excess water should drip on the area that you prepared during the first step of this process. If that step was done correctly, then cleanup should be relatively quick and easy by the time you finish the job.

5. Dry

When done properly, your window cleaning should be completed following the squeegee. If your windows are dry and streak-free, then take a step back and admire your hard work! You’re done here. However, if you find that there are still some water marks, you can use a lint-free towel to dry off the water residue on the window. Again, we recommend a high-quality microfibre cloth for this job.

If you can skip this step, that’s fine. Otherwise, try to use completely lint-free materials so your hard work doesn’t backfire before you’re ready to appreciate it

6. Admire

Congratulations! Your job here is done. Now you just have to admire your hard work and hope that you don’t run into the glass by accident. These tips can also be used on shower doors for a squeaky-clean finish!

Window cleaning is a relatively easy job that makes a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. You’ll feel so excited to see the sun shine through your windows without the glare of streaks or dirt.

What are some of your favourite ways to clean your windows? Do you prefer using the dish soap method, or do you use vinegar with your water?

It’s likely that you’ll find a method that works best for you overtime. If you have any questions regarding our home care tips and tricks, feel free to browse around our website or reach out to us for our professional opinion on how you can kick your house up a notch. Our window cleaning services can also take care of your dirty windows for you.

After all, it’s the item that you spend the most on in your life. You might as well enjoy it to the best of its capabilities! And by that, we mean streak-free.