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Glass Degradation: What Is It and How Can I Prevent It?

Many Toronto property owners are unaware that unmaintained windows can eventually become corroded and might even need to be replaced. Though you would normally think that glass is so durable that weather and even dirt can have no negative effects on it, glass is actually a nearly frozen liquid that can absorb particles into the pores it contains along its surface.  Did you know that your windows can corrode over time if they are not properly taken care of? Most home and business owners in Vaughan don’t realize this and believe that glass is indestructible when it comes to weather and grime. The truth is that glass is fundamentally a porous liquid that will absorb many of the particles it comes into contact with. If you think you might be behind the curve when it comes to cleanly windows, consider reading up on the following information on glass degradation.
What Is Glass Degradation?
Glass degradation is when a layer of glass is left exposed to different types of particles for a long period of time. These particles can invade the pores of the glass and ultimately contaminate what used to be only glass. As an ultra-slow liquid, glass has the capacity to take in these particles if enough time passes, and this will unfortunately modify the glass layer’s fundamental makeup on a molecular level. Just keep in mind that glass windows are not actually solid and are thereby susceptible to particle contamination.

As mentioned above, the surface of a glass pane contains countless
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