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The 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Maintain Clean Windows

Most Toronto home and business owners forget to maintain clean and polished looking windows; many simply don’t realize the value of keeping your windows clean. Perhaps you would be surprised to know that there are many notable benefits that come with habitually cleaned windows outside of just making your windows appear nicer. Here are five of the most significant reasons to keep your windows cleaned on a regular basis:
1. Improved Air Quality
The particle buildup that occurs on your windows can markedly diminish your property’s air quality. One of these particles can be mold, which poses a severe health threat over time. Mold can take its toll on the well-being of your property’s inhabitants whether that is your family, your employees, or just yourself. Long-term exposure can even lead to issues with the respiratory system among other medical issues. If the air in your property seems more stagnant than usual, a window cleaning can help to clear the air.
2. Better Heat Efficiency
We all know that Toronto can be unbearably cold during certain months; what you may not know is that your windows can help heat your property. Excess dirt, grime, and general particle buildup can block out parts of a window and even become absorbed by the window’s pores. All of this blockage reflects the sun’s UV rays and robs your property of the sun’s free heat. This can really cost you over time on your energy bills, and that is without acknowledging the damage any mold could be doing to
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Maintaining Your Toronto Home’s Screens and Windows

Windows and screens contribute in a big way towards the overall look of a home or an office. Besides ensuring adequate ventilation while eliminating bugs from entering, they heighten the aesthetics of any building. However, they serve the intended purpose only if they are clean and in a tip-top condition.
Importance of Cleaning Screens and Windows
Window screens and windows both have to be given equal attention when the question of maintaining them arises. Window screens offer a range of benefits with the most important one being preventing pests like wasps and flies from entering your home. Windows can be kept open without the bother of pests. This enables the occupants to enjoy the cool fall breeze and bask in the bright sunlight that may shine into the house.

Debris and dirt get accumulated in window screens with the passage of time. Chances of bugs getting collected too cannot be ruled out and it is difficult to remove them easily. Besides looking messy, they act as big minuses when it comes to ascertaining the attractiveness of your home’s external appearance.

As for the windows, we often tend to procrastinate doing their cleaning especially the exteriors. If left unattended for long periods, irreversible damage can occur due to scratching of windows and frames. It has to be remembered that the curb appeal of your home is enhanced by clean windows and screens. Hence maintaining them has to be given top priority.
How To Clean A Window Screen
Undertake regular cleaning of your screens and you will be
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How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass

Dirty windows can eclipse the beauty of most magnificent sceneries, as a layer of stain also prevents the passage of light inside the room. Hence, it is essential to keep the windows spotless. It improves your visibility, enhances the décor and welcomes the natural light into your room. It is not easy to clean all types of spots from the windowpane. The hard-water spots are hardest to clean. You often cannot remove these spots using conventional cleaning solutions. To remove hard-water stains, you need to use special tools and cleansers.
What Causes Hard Water Stains?
It may not be possible to wipe the rainwater off the windows every time and raindrops can cause hard-water stains after drying on the windowpanes. Also, concrete walkways may also be responsible for hard-water stains. The concrete has lime in it and this lime may bounce up due to the rain falling, landing on windowpanes and leading to hard-water stains. Additionally, the iron-filled water dripping from the metal fly-screen or eaves trough may also cause hard-water staining.
Stain Removal Processes
Judging resistance of hard-water stains by appearance won’t help. Some stains are harder to remove in comparison to others despite the lighter appearance. Remove these stains in two different processes. Use a homemade solution of water and vinegar or a gentle cleaning solution that is suitable for the removal of hard-water stains.
DIY Hard Water Stains Removal Solution
Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:2 to remove the hard-water stains.

Soak a coarse towel in this solution and smear
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4 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Windows

Dirty windows are never inspiring, welcoming, or pleasant. Sadly, many people tend to overlook this fact. Nonetheless, window cleaning is always on the to-do-list of homeowners but often demanding schedules keeps people from taking care of this job. Eventually, it leads to grime and dirt build-up on the windows that causes poor exterior visibility and looks even worse. If window cleaning is avoided for long, it may even damage the glass. We highly recommend the services of an expert window cleaner be included at least once a year in your annual spring cleaning routine.

If you’re not planning on hiring a window cleaning company, here below are the 4 motivators that can help you easily and quickly clean the windows.
Clean Windows Improve The Look Of Your Home
Creating a positive lasting impression on your guests, neighbours, family, and friends is an arduous task. Especially when it comes to entertaining your guests or operating your business, the appearance of your property says it all. Often, people weigh your personality and traits through cleanliness. Thus, your home or office should portray a clean image of yourself or your business.

Windows is the first touch point that can make or break your positive image. Dirty windows do not leave a good impression. Sparkling and bright windows compliment the design of your house or commercial space. Now, who does not like being appreciated? To garner compliments, routine cleaning ensures your windows remain spotlessly clean.
Window Cleaning Prevents Glass Damage & Corrosion
Stained and dirty window glass is not only
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3 Ways to Stop Birds Flying Into Your Window

Birds colliding in the window glass may seem to be a small problem for those who do not have to deal with it. But for people who live in high aviation traffic area will surely understand the gravity of the problem. The collision of birds may vary in degree or intensity; from minute pecking on the glass to strong slamming startling the entire house which cripples or even kills the bird. Bird collisions vary considerably.
Why Do Birds Collide in The Window?
Before concentrating on the ways to prevent the collision of birds in the window, it is very important to understand why birds collide with the windows.

Our window cleaning team have noticed these problems usually occur after people have their windows cleaned. The first and foremost reason for collision is that birds are neither able to see the transparent glass nor they are able to recognise it as something solid. On one hand, they are able to recognise walls of the house; on the other hand, they think windows are the wooden frame by which they can easily pass by. The problem becomes all the more complex when there are two parallel windows in the house. Birds think that these parallel windows are a wooden tunnel by which they can easily pass. In order to cross the tunnel, they come and collide with one of the window glasses.

Another very prominent reason for crippling or death of birds due to collision is the reflection. Window glasses show the reflection of trees, plants,
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How To Get Rid Black Mold On Windows

Mold needs to be dealt with quickly once you have noticed it on your windows and window sills or casings. Once mold has taken hold in your home it can quickly transfer to hard to clean spots where it can multiply quickly. Black mold can be highly toxic to you and your family. It can get into your walls through tiny cracks and grow inside the home where it can get into the HVAC system and spread around the home. Getting rid of mold is tough once it has spread so as soon as you notice black mold anywhere near your windows you need to act fast.

Our team has seen quite a number of windows with black mold while providing service across Toronto. It can be a serious problem when left unchecked. Read on to discover how to get rid of black mold.
How Does Mold Get On Windows?
Mold spores can be deposited on your windows, sills and casings when the wind blows. Once the spores are on the windows or the frame moisture from condensation and the heat from the sun can cause it grow quickly. Having potted plants along the window sill can also cause black mold growth if you don’t carefully clean the areas around the pots.
How To Cleaning Black Mold
Cleaning up black mold is a little more involved than cleaning regular dirt off of your windows.

Before you take on black mold you need to make sure that have a few things:

Face mask / respirator
Protective gloves

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5 Secrets That Will Help You Sell Your Home

Home selling season is kicking off and if you’re putting your house on the market this year there are some insider tricks that you should know that will attract more buyers. The key to making your home look great to potential buyers is making it look fresh and new. Even if you have an older home that does need updating if it feels and looks fresh and clean buyers will be interested. Especially if you make the most of the good features that the house has. Here are five tips from expert real estate agents that will help you sell your home faster without spending a lot of money:
Stage Your Yard
It’s important to make the outside of your home look as good as the inside. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money giving the yard and garden areas a facelift you should at least get the yard staged. Staging the yard means that all overgrowth and branches that have fallen from trees will be removed. Hedges and outdoor plants will be weeded and trimmed back and the clippings disposed of. Make sure your eavestroughs are cleaned out and also mow your grass or have sod laid if the grass is sparse. Outdoor furniture and items like grills can be used to stage the yard the way a director would set the stage for a play. That way people who look at your home can imagine themselves and their families using the yard for playing or entertaining.
Pressure Wash
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Get Rid of Fingerprints On Your Windows

No matter how hard you try to keep your windows clean they will get smudged with fingerprints and handprints over time. Every time someone opens or closes the window, adjusts the curtains, or raises and lowers the blinds you could get fingerprints on your windows. If you have pets or kids who like to put their faces right up to the glass in order to look out you could get smudges on your windows from that too.

It’s important to keep your windows clean so that your windows will continue to let in healthy sunlight but you need to be sure that you’re cleaning the windows the right way to avoid more smudging and potential damage. Here are some expert recommended ways to clean your windows and keep them smudge and fingerprint free:
Annual Professional Cleaning
A professional cleaning is highly recommended for your windows at least once a year, especially during spring time. During that cleaning the tech will examine your windows for any signs of chipping, cracking, pitting or damage and they will make sure that your window frame is in good shape too. And after thorough cleaning windows are treated with a special sealant that will resist smudges and fingerprints. That will make it easier to keep the windows sparkling clean all year long. So don’t put off a professional cleaning. Get your windows cleaned by an experienced window cleaning company once a year.

A professional window cleaning also is a great way to get your windows checked for damage.
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How to Remove Tape Marks from Glass

If you hang up holiday decorations on your windows, or hang your child’s art on your windows, or even tape your windows during severe storms you know that removing the sellotape marks and the residue of the tape from the windows can be quite difficult. And if you don’t remove that residue in a timely way it can just harden even more as it gets exposed to the sun and cold through the window. So it’s important that you take steps to get rid of all that residue when take down holiday decorations, decals or other items that have been taped to the windows. Here are a few easy DIY ways to remove sticky residue and tape marks from your windows:
Get The Windows Professionally Cleaned
It’s a lot easier to remove the residue from windows if you have had your windows professionally cleaned at least once during the year. An skilled window cleaning experts will use a sealant on the window that will protect the window from debris and make it easier for you to safely remove decals and tape. That way you won’t have to worry about pitting the glass or causing damage when you are removing items that you have taped to the windows. You should be getting your windows professionally cleaned at least once a year.
Clean & Remove All Tape Marks
The first thing that you need to do in order to get all the tape marks and reside off the window is make sure that you have removed
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Water Fed Pole Cleaning – Good or Bad?

One of the most recent innovations in window cleaning is water fed pole cleaning. Using a water fed pole cleaning has a lot of advantages for getting windows cleaned but there are some disadvantages too. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and disadvantages of using water fed pole cleaning for window washing and what it means for homeowners.
The Advantages of Water Fed Pole Cleaning
When a cleaning technician uses a water fed pole system to clean windows they are able to access windows up to 70 feet high without a ladder. That makes cleaning windows with a water fed pole system a lot safer, even for trained technicians that know how to safely and comfortably move on a ladder.

A water fed pole system also is easy to transport. In fact, the entire system can fit on a small cart that can be wheeled into tiny spaces. This makes it ideal to clean windows that are difficult to access. Apartment buildings, homes that are built on narrow alleys and other types of homes that have very little space around them can have their windows professionally cleaned when the technician uses a water fed pole system because there is no need to get a truck or heavy ladders in the space.

If the ground around the home is very sloped it can be extremely dangerous to mount tall ladders in the area. But with a water fed pole cleaning system a technician can clean even tall skylights and upper floor windows without having
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