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5 Reasons Why Window Cleaning is Important

Most Toronto home and business owners forget to maintain clean looking windows. Many people can’t see the value of clean windows. Yet, there are a few key reasons why window cleaning is important. Whether you do-it-yourself, or hire a window cleaning company it’s a good idea. Here are five of the most significant reasons to clean your dirty windows on a regular basis:
Clean Windows Prevents Glass Degradation
Acid rain and hard water can cause a build-up of debris on your windows, sills, and window frames. Aside from looking bad, acid rain will damage your home and glass windows over time.

Dirt particles will enter the glass’ pores, contaminating and corroding the windows. The first things you may notice will be some light scratches or cracks. Eventually, an unmaintained window can be altered on a structural level and will need a full replacement. Cleaning your windows will prevent this outcome and give your windows far more longevity.

Keeping your windows clean is especially important if you live near a roadway or construction site. Overspray from salting roads or spray paint can be bad for your home. Removing hard minerals is simple when you hire a professional window cleaning service. They have the know-how to use the best cleaning solutions for the job, leaving a smudge and streak-free finish. Most professional offer free quotes so you have nothing to lose by calling.
Improve Your Curb Appeal
Everyone want’s to have a great looking home, and clean windows will make your home shine. Professional window cleaners can make
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How To Clean Mold On Window Sills, Glass, and Frames

Mold needs to be dealt with quickly once you have noticed it on your windows and window sills or casings. Once mold has taken hold in your home it can quickly transfer to hard to clean spots where it can multiply quickly. Black mold can be highly toxic to you and your family. It can get into your walls through tiny cracks and grow inside the home where it can get into the HVAC system and spread around the home. Removing mold is tough once it has spread so as soon as you notice you need to act fast and clean the affected area.

Our team has seen quite a number of windows with black mold while providing service across Toronto. It can be a serious problem when left unchecked. Before you go out looking for replacement windows, read on to discover how to remove black mold and save yourself thousands of dollars.
How Does Mold Get On Window Sills?
Mold spores can be deposited on your windows, sills and casings when the wind blows. Once the spores are on the windows or the frame moisture from condensation and the heat from the sun can cause it grow quickly. Having potted plants along the window sill can also cause black mold growth if you don’t carefully clean the areas around the pots.
How To Get Rid of Mold & Mildew
Cleaning up black mold is a little more involved than cleaning regular dirt off of your windows. Don’t bother with the old baking soda & vinegar trick,
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How To Get Fingerprints Off Glass

No matter how hard you try to keep your windows clean they wind up dirty. Often it’s caused by smudged fingerprints and handprints over time. Opening and closing your window or adjusting curtains and blinds might get fingerprints on your windows. If you have pets or kids who like to put their faces right up to the glass, you could get smudges on your windows from that too.

Keeping your windows clean helps make your home looks sparkling clean. But, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re cleaning your windows the right way. Not taking care in cleaning might result in damage to your glass, or making the smudge worse.

Here are some expert tips on how to clean you windows to keep them smudge and fingerprint free:
Do Not Clean Glass With Paper Towel
Using paper towels to try and clean your window can actually make your windows look worse.

If you’re like most people, your first instinct is to grab a roll of paper towels when you see smudges or fingerprints on your windows. Next, you’ll grab a glass cleaning product to clean them off the window. But, window cleaner won’t work on oily fingerprints and paper towels are terrible to clean windows with.

You should never use paper towels. That’s because paper towels tend to shed when they’re wet. They leave behind little bits of wet paper that stick to the window and they also can leave behind lint and debris.
Use a Microfiber Cloth Instead
A microfiber cloth might be able to clean
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Water Fed Pole Cleaning – Good or Bad?

One of the most recent innovations in window cleaning is water fed pole cleaning. Using a water fed pole cleaning has a lot of advantages for getting windows cleaned but there are some disadvantages too. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and disadvantages of using water fed pole cleaning for window washing and what it means for homeowners.
The Advantages of Water Fed Pole Cleaning
When a cleaning technician uses a water fed pole system to clean windows they are able to access windows up to 70 feet high without a ladder. That makes cleaning windows with a water fed pole system a lot safer, even for trained technicians that know how to safely and comfortably move on a ladder.

A water fed pole system also is easy to transport. In fact, the entire system can fit on a small cart that can be wheeled into tiny spaces. This makes it ideal to clean windows that are difficult to access. Apartment buildings, homes that are built on narrow alleys and other types of homes that have very little space around them can have their windows professionally cleaned when the technician uses a water fed pole system because there is no need to get a truck or heavy ladders in the space.

If the ground around the home is very sloped it can be extremely dangerous to mount tall ladders in the area. But with a water fed pole cleaning system a technician can clean even tall skylights and upper floor windows without having
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The Dangers of Window Cleaning

Home maintenance isn’t just time-consuming and sometimes expensive, it can also be downright dangerous. Trying to do home maintenance chores yourself if you don’t have a lot of experience can end up causing damage to your home and can end up putting you in the hospital. It happens every year. Thousands of homeowners try to save a little money by doing home maintenance tasks on their own after viewing some videos online or reading tutorials and they end up getting seriously injured as a result of not hiring a professional.

There are some home maintenance tasks that you can do by yourself. Like mowing your lawn or doing your own gardening. But in general, the heavy cleaning and maintenance should be left to the professionals. In Toronto, professional window cleaners have the right equipment and the right training as well as the experience to do some of the more difficult home maintenance jobs without causing injury to themselves or damaging the home.
Don’t DIY Window Cleaning
Window cleaning is one of those home maintenance chores that you should always leave to the professionals. Good home maintenance includes cleaning exterior windows and to make your home look great and maintain your home’s curb appeal. But cleaning exterior windows without any experience or professional grade equipment can be dangerous. You can easily hurt yourself or damage your home if you don’t know what you’re doing. Cleaning exterior windows is different from cleaning interior windows. A rag and some window cleaner won’t cut it when you’re
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What is Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

One of the newest innovations in window cleaning technology is the water fed pole cleaning system. It’s a revolutionary way to clean exterior windows safely and quickly using only water. The water fed pole system is changing the way that professional’s clean windows for homeowners. It’s a very simple system but one that delivers big results and makes it easier and safer to clean windows at great heights. Take a look at what the water fed pole cleaning system is and how it works:
The Water Fed Pole System
A water fed pole used for cleaning windows is a system that includes a pump and an expandable pole that has a specialized cleaning brush head. There is a hose that runs the full length of the tube. When the water is pumped through the hose and through the brush it shoots out at a very high pressure, similar to a pressure washer. But the water stream is easily controlled by the technician. The window cleaning technician uses the wet brush to clean the window with special purified and deionized water.

The wet brush is designed to loosen all the dirt and debris from the window using only the water. The water breaks the seal between the dirt and the window so that it can easily be brushed away and then rinsed off with the purified water. The purified water has no minerals that will leave residue or a chalky finish on the window so the window dries streak free and sparkling clean. The
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Deionized Water for Window Cleaning for a Spot Free Shine

You have probably been hearing a lot about water fed pole window cleaning and how it’s a revolutionary window to clean windows and leave them looking fantastic. The secret to the way that a water fed pole system works for cleaning windows is that it only used deionized purified water. That’s it. No soap or chemicals. Just pure deionized water. That’s safer for you and your family and your plants because it means that there won’t be any soapy runoff that could be toxic to your family, your kids, or your pets. And it won’t kill any plants or young trees that you have around your home. But how can water alone clean exterior windows that have a build-up of dirt and debris?
The Power of Water
Deionized water that has no minerals in it leaves windows beautifully clean without any streaking or chalky finish. When a window technician uses a water fed pole system to clean your exterior windows they use the brush and the water itself to clean the windows. When the deionized water is pumped through the hose connected to the pole it shoots out with great force. That force is harnessed by the technician who uses a special wet brush to clean the dirt from the windows. The deionized water breaks the seal between the dirt and the glass which loosens the dirt and allows it to be washed away by the power of the water. And because the water is pure there is nothing left on the
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Four Questions For Your Mississauga Window Cleaning Company

Picking the perfect window cleaning company in Mississauga can be quite the ordeal. Avoid settling for the first one you come across though, and instead do some research to make sure your money is well spent. Countless variables go into picking the right window cleaning company, but it can be hard to account for all of them. Ask the following four questions when researching any window cleaner:
1. Do They Deal In Only Commercial or Residential Projects?
A few of Mississauga’s window cleaners may not be applicable for your specific project if they only take on commercial or residential jobs exclusively. Knowing who has the right amount of experience in either category could be a make or break factor during your hiring process. Your best bet is a company that is flexible that specializes in working all property types. Hiring someone with this kind of versatility will ensure that they have the knowledge and experience to handle themselves in any situation.
2. Do They Have Flexible Appointment Times?
You likely already have enough things happening in your life, and the last thing you want to concern yourself with may be finding a compatible appointment time. If this is the case, you can easily avoid window cleaning companies that enforce the times that suit them. A better window cleaner will be understanding of your time constraints and will allow you to choose a time that flows with your schedule. A window cleaner with such an accommodating approach will help reduce the stress of your everyday
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Advice on How to Maintain Clean Windows

Many home and business owners in Etobicoke quickly forget about their windows, but keeping them sparkling and clean can be truly rewarding. You may even think that your windows don’t need to be cleaned, but when the light hits a window at certain angles, you start to see all kinds of smudges you never noticed before. Getting your windows to stop being blurry curtains is only a matter of routine maintenance. Look to the following advice if you want to restore those crystal-clear windows that used to brighten up your property!
Equip Yourself
You will certainly want a squeegee with a sturdy frame and possibly an adjustable handle, a sponge (regular or on a stick like the squeegee) and some kind of window cleaning solution. Make sure the cleaning solution is advertised to be effective for the type of window you are cleaning. Paper towel and rubber gloves can also be a wise investment for keeping things tidy. Depending on where your windows reside, you may also need a step ladder and a regular ladder to give you better leverage. No matter what kind of cleaner you use, keep in mind that too much soap can leave unsightly streaks on your windows.
Remove Dirt Appropriately
Never rub a dirt-covered window to clean it. Doing this could scratch the glass of your window and only damage it further. You want to carefully wipe dirt off with either a damp cloth or using a sponge and then a squeegee. A dabbing technique can help you avoid
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4 Things to Look For in a Professional Window Cleaner

It can be difficult to decide on a window cleaning company when there are so many in the Etobicoke area. It is important to know what you are getting into though, so you don’t want to spring for the very first one your find. There are numerous factors you should take into account during your hiring process; here are four things to look for when hiring any professional window cleaner: 1. Does the Company Have Any Specialization? You may not be able to hire any given window cleaner in Etobicoke if they only specialize in either commercial or residential window cleaning services. This can help you weed out a few of your initial options if certain cleaners are unable to offer services for your specific property. Ideally, your top choices will specialize in both departments. This not only makes your life easier, but hiring a company that specializes in both often guarantees a more versatile and experienced technician.
2. Are They Flexible With Their Scheduling? Life can be hectic and you undoubtedly have more on your plate than you can concentrate on. You don’t have to settle upon a window cleaning company that forces you to conform to their schedule. You likely have a lot going on and the optimal window cleaner will try to cooperate with you on this front. Choose a cleaner who will let you pick the date and time you want them to show up so you can keep your busy schedule organized and can avoid future
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