If you hate gutter cleaning as much as most people do, then you’d jump at the opportunity to buy anything that can prevent your gutters from getting clogged in the first place. No more clambering up shaky ladders and no more eavestrough cleaning company Toronto to deal with. Sounds like a dream come true for most homeowners. Gutter guards are advertised as the best preventive maintenance for your guttering systems. But are they really as effective as they are hyped to be? Can you stop inspecting your gutters and will they remain free of leaves, debris and everything else that has an uncanny knack of ending up in the gutter?

The Type of Gutter Guards

There are two main types of gutter guards, gutter screens and gutter covers. While screens are installed inside the guttering system, covers are installed above it.

  1. Mesh Gutter Guards: As the name suggests, these are made of a metal mesh and are attached to the roof shingles to cover the gutter.
  2. Reverse cutter guards: These are designed to allow the water to flow downwards into the gutter and any debris to fall directly to the ground.
  3. Bottle Crusher: These have bristles that entrap the debris allowing the water to flow.
  4. Nylon Gutter guards: Used mainly in winter, it prevents snow from building up in the gutters.
  5. Foam Guards: These sit directly in the gutters and blocks debris while allowing the normal flow of water.

Do Gutter guards work?

It depends on the type of debris that is normally found in the guttering system. If its mainly leaves, then installing a gutter guard can reduce the frequency of cleaning required for the eavestrough. However, silt will still find its way into your gutter. So will dirt. And when there is silt, it will be the perfect place for plants to grow. If the silt forms a blockage and allows water to pool, it will still allow mosquitoes to breed. And in order to clean the gutter or to remove the blockage, you or the eavestrough cleaning Toronto company will have to spend more time in removing the gutter guard and reinstalling it once the cleaning is done. Most companies will charge you extra for this.

Is it worth it?

Along with the upfront installation costs, gutter guards will also result in additional expenses as we mentioned above. And it wont make your gutter systems maintenance free, if that’s what you expect. Yes, it will probably reduce the amount of time you’d normally spend cleaning the gutters. For example, if your gutter cleaning Toronto company normally cleans the gutters four times a year, it can be reduced to twice a year. But factor in the additional costs of removing and reinstalling the gutter guards every time the system is cleaned. Taking all pros and cons into consideration, it is always better to hire a professional eavestrough cleaning company to clean the guttering system for you rather than investing in gutter guards.