Gutter cleaning may be one of the most annoying chores around the home. But it is also one of the most necessary ones that you cannot afford to ignore anymore. Statistics prove that clogged downspouts and gutters cost homeowners thousands of dollars in expenses, if left unattended. While many property owners decide to clamber up a ladder and clean it themselves, there are a saner lot who prefer outsourcing the task to a professional eavestrough cleaning company Toronto. This makes the task so much simpler than having to balance yourself on a ladder risking your own safety and ending up with a shoddily completed job. If you are on fence about hiring gutter cleaning services due to the cost, then you’d be surprised to know, it is not as expensive as people imagine. And there are many advantages to it too. Here are a few of them:


The roof is not the ideal place for anybody to climb on. Each year, in Canada alone, more than 40000 people get injured due to fall accidents. In most cases, it is due to slippery surfaces or poorly maintained equipment. Professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies on the other hand have the necessary safety gear in addition to advanced equipment like telescopic tubing to help them find the exact places in the eavestrough which have clogged. So, you can be rest assured that the gutter is being cleaned in a safe manner.

Trained Personnel

Rather than one man trying to clean the entire guttering system, which can be tedious and time consuming, gutter cleaning companies dispatch a team of skilled and trained professionals who have the expertise to clean gutters in a matter of hours.

Better quality of job

Gutter cleaning is not as simple as blowing all the muck away with a hose and hoping that it is washed down the downspout. In many places, there may be stubborn blockages that will have to be removed by hand. The gutters should be inspected for any leaks or cracked caulking, especially at the seams. The gutter spikes may have weakened over the years. The rivets in the downspout needs to be checked. Most homeowners are unaware of the many things that can go wrong with a guttering system. Professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies will do a much better job and give you the much needed peace of mind.

Customer Service

If you just spent a good part of your weekend cleaning your eavestrough and the downspout has gotten clogged again, what do you do? Do you climb up the ladder once again? Most professional gutter cleaners offer a warranty on their work and you can call them anytime if you notice that an area has been left unattended or if the downspout is clogged or the gutter is overflowing again.

Eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies offer a free estimate for your home. Speak to a company near you, schedule an appointment to get an obligation free quote to know what it will cost you to have your gutters cleaned every year.