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Cleaning Windows With A Squeegee – Pro Tips

Let’s face it: there’s a reason why the squeegee has gotten such a great reputation among window cleaners. Not only do squeegees eliminate streaks, but they also make sure that all of the dust, soap residue, and water is stripped from the window. But don’t be fooled! Window cleaning with a squeegee can be a little intimidating. There is a right way and wrong way to clean windows. If it’s done improperly, you may leave streaks and a buildup of your cleaning solution. Whether you have picture windows or not, our tips will help complete the job well. Before beginning your DIY project, shop Ettore or Unger to help you become the best window washer in town. There is something so euphoric about clean windows that adds to the curb appeal of your home. Though the task can seem daunting, it can be done seasonally and it adds a big impression to your humble abode. If you can’t schedule time to clean your own windows, you can consider hiring a professional to get the job done. It’s because of this that we have developed a six-step process of cleaning windows with a squeegee. These are pro tips that will leave your windows so clean that you’ll forget it’s even there. More good news? This can also be used on shower doors. Read below for some of our favourite window cleaning tips!

1. Prep area

Ready to begin your window washing? The first step of cleaning glass surfaces is to make sure that your area is prepared. Lay down towels or tarps so you don’t get water on your hardwood floors or furniture. You can expect excess water to drip down as you squeegee your window, so provide a towel or other protective products to ensure that the water doesn’t damage your window sill or other surrounding areas. The preparation stage is crucial to a window cleaning that you feel good about!

2. Wipe down window frames

Window frames and surrounding baseboards are a magnet for dust and dirt. Before you get to the squeegee part, make sure that the baseboards and the window sill are thoroughly cleaned. If you have excess grime around your work area, it may contaminate your perfectly cleaned glass. You can use a duster or vacuum to whisk away the dirt. However, we have found that a more thorough cleaning often provides a better result. The best way to clean your window frames is using soapy water. Wipe down the surface withna wet cloth and carefully collect any dust that has built-up overtime. Once you’re completed, you’re ready to begin your DIY window cleaning.

3. Use cleaning solution

Mix a cleaning solution of hot water and dishwashing liquid or warm water and vinegar. The window cleaning solution can be used in a spray bottle. Squirt the surface down and begin. Some suds won’t hurt the process – let the cleaning solution set you up for an incredible clean. Be generous when spraying your window cleaner. Begin the process by thoroughly soaking the windows and scrubbing with a microfiber cloth, steel wool, or scrubber. These can be purchased on Amazon. The most important thing to make sure of is that your cloths are lint-free, so you don’t add dirt as you wash windows. You’ll want to avoid paper towels for this step, as they can begin to crumble small bits of paper on the window. We also recommend that you do not use hard water. Hard water is much more likely to leave streaks and imperfections. Our easy window cleaning solutions work better than any glass cleaner that you can buy in your local department store. Avoid window screens to ensure that you don’t damage the fragile mesh while washing windows. You may even want to consider removing your window screen so you can comfortably attend to both the exterior and interior of the window without restriction.

4. Use squeegee

Now is the fun part! You’re going to carefully eliminate excess water. A window squeegee is a handheld tool with a rubber blade at the end. If you have high windows, you can purchase an extension pole to assist. Use the window squeegee to move horizontally from the top of the window done. You’ll want to position your window cleaning tool on an angle to ensure that the water drips down the window pane. When it comes to your squeegee blade, you’ll want to replace it semi-frequently to ensure that you’re left with a streak-free window. If you purchase a new squeegee blade every spring cleaning, you should be pleasantly surprised with your result. As you continue to move forward and backward with your squeegee, you’ll see water fall down the window pane. By maintaining steady pressure on your window cleaning tool, you’ll experience streak-free windows that are worth calling the neighbours about! The excess water should drip on the area that you prepared during the first step of this process. If that step was done correctly, then cleanup should be relatively quick and easy by the time you finish the job.

5. Dry

When done properly, your window cleaning should be completed following the squeegee. If your windows are dry and streak-free, then take a step back and admire your hard work! You’re done here. However, if you find that there are still some water marks, you can use a lint-free towel to dry off the water residue on the window. Again, we recommend a high-quality microfibre cloth for this job. If you can skip this step, that’s fine. Otherwise, try to use completely lint-free materials so your hard work doesn’t backfire before you’re ready to appreciate it

6. Admire

Congratulations! Your job here is done. Now you just have to admire your hard work and hope that you don’t run into the glass by accident. These tips can also be used on shower doors for a squeaky-clean finish! Window cleaning is a relatively easy job that makes a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. You’ll feel so excited to see the sun shine through your windows without the glare of streaks or dirt. What are some of your favourite ways to clean your windows? Do you prefer using the dish soap method, or do you use vinegar with your water? It’s likely that you’ll find a method that works best for you overtime. If you have any questions regarding our home care tips and tricks, feel free to browse around our website or reach out to us for our professional opinion on how you can kick your house up a notch. Our window cleaning services can also take care of your dirty windows for you. After all, it’s the item that you spend the most on in your life. You might as well enjoy it to the best of its capabilities! And by that, we mean streak-free.

Cleaning Windows With A Squeegee – Pro Tips

Your gutters provide drainage for your home, and help to move the water off of the roof to prevent damage to your home or business. All buildings have a gutter system installed, however it’s your responsibility to take care of them.

As a business or home owner, we recommend a thorough gutter cleaning 1-2 times per year. Clean gutters will help ward off water damage, foundation damage, and insect infestation. If you don’t keep up with routine maintenance, you can wind up with clogged gutters and big consequences.

Organic material such as leaves can quickly take over your gutter and result in overflowing or pooling of water. When properly maintained, your gutter system has huge benefits to your structure. As a property owner, you should bank on getting your gutters cleaned frequently. If you don’t remember the last time you had a proper cleaning, then it’s been too long!

It’s important that you understand the inherent risks that come with not cleaning your gutters. Not only can this result in expensive repairs and unwanted guests, but it can also damage the curb appeal of your home and even pose a risk to your health. Gutter maintenance must be taken seriously, so you and your family can reap the benefits of a well-maintained home.

We’ll discuss some of the main issues that can happen if you ignore home maintenance and gutter cleaning include.

1. Insect Infestation

Gutters can become clogged with debris and organic material that insects feed off of. Once this starts, you can become infested with termites, carpenter ants, roaches, and other harmful critters. Once a few insects call your dirty gutters home, it can be a breeding ground for other vermin.

If an insect infection sets in, it can be a hassle to find a safe exterminator that can completely eradicate the issue. You may find that you need multiple exterminations to successfully clear out the infestation. It’s easier to avoid this problem at together. Some insects can cause further structural damage, as well as become a nuisance (especially if they start getting into the home).

For example, termites and carpenter ants can eat through the wood fascia around your home. This will result in the need to completely replace components of the building. Not only do creepy crawlers seem gross, but they can result in severe structural damage. As a home owner, you want to control who you invite into your home – and we doubt you want six-legged critters joining you in your kitchen or crawl space.

2. Structural Damage

If you aren’t cleaning gutters and downspouts, you may suffer from water leaks and foundation damage. Your roofing, shingles, soffit, and fascia boards can soften and become water damaged. These issues can spread to the foundation of your home and your basement walls, crawl space, and attic can suffer.

If you’re noticing structural damage to your home but you’ve recently cleaned your gutters, you may want larger downspouts to more effectively drain the water throughout your roofing.

In severe cases, structural damage can include foundation cracks, wood rot, black mold, and roof leaks. This can be irreversible and often result in pricey repairs or wood fascia and other components.

Black mold can pose a major health risk. Leaving longterm health consequences, the mold can cause a respiratory response. In serious cases, black mold can result in the need to abandon a building completely.

3. Damage to Landscaping

Clogged gutters can lead to sagging and water overflows. As water begins to seep, it may result in damage to your landscaping or topsoil. To avoid this, it’s important to have gutter guards and routine maintenance. An overwatering of flowers, bushes, and trees can cause damage to your foliage and the erosion of wood chips and other ground coverings.

Landscaping helps improve the curb appeal of your home, and it can be expensive to design. It’s best to avoid damage completely by cleaning gutters.

4. New Gutters

If you don’t stay up-to-date with gutter maintenance, you may have to completely replace your gutter system. This is an expensive fix – especially when you could have avoided it with routine maintenance. Clogged gutters and routine maintenance are easier on the pocket book than an entirely new system.

With any building, maintaining it is better than repairing it. We recommend staying diligent about home maintenance to avoid the hassle of repairs down the road.

There are several ways to know if your gutters need cleaning. For example, you might notice water overflowing or moss growing due to excess moisture. You may also see water staining along the side of your home adjacent to your gutter system. In extreme cases, you may find damage in your attack or along the ceiling of your home due to water leaks.

Don’t fall victim to poor gutter maintenance. Instead, treat your building like it deserves and get a qualified gutter cleaner out to your home to provide a routine cleaning. Though this may seem like an unnecessary bill, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

You can clean your gutters yourself, but we recommend having a professional gutter cleaner come to your home and do a thorough clean of the entire system.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

As trusted gutter cleaning professionals, there is one question that we get regularly: Why is gutter cleaning important?

2021 is behind us, and for some it may have been a time to neglect their homes. Gutter cleaning is one area people have in particular been neglecting. It’s important to understand why this is a vital part of your home and the reasons it must be maintained.

We understand the concerns of our customers, however, we have seen the detrimental effects of not properly cleaning your gutters. So, for us, there are a million reasons why gutter cleaning is important. This is one of the best routine maintenance activities you can do on your house to avoid water damage and consequences to your gutter systems.

Unfortunately, many homeowner admit to cleaning their gutters much less than they should actually be done. We recommend seasonally for those who suffer from harsh climate changes and those in treed areas. For individuals who live in a consistent climate without nearby trees, you may be able to get by with one to two gutter cleanings a year.

We have prepared five of our favourite reasons that you should clean your gutters. Beware: the consequences are likely and we aren’t just trying to scare you into regular home maintenance! There is a good chance that you can suffer from these nuisances if you don’t routinely clean your gutters.

1. Unwanted guests

One of the most common issues we see in clogged gutters, is the addition of little critters and unwanted guests. As your gutters become clogged with organic material and debris (such as leaves, twigs, and berries from nearby trees), insects and pests may begin to flock to the area.

Who wants an infestation? No one.

Essentially, you’re offering a gourmet meal to guests that you never invited into or around your home. We’ve seen carpenter ants and termites begin to feast on clogged gutters, which can pose a significant risk to the structure of your home.

Both termites and carpenter ants know how to chew! This can quickly damage your wood fascia and the other structures around your home. Not only does this cause damage to your gutter system and house, but it can be a difficult problem to fix once it’s occurred.

For example, you’ll have to call an exterminator. Exterminators are pricey contractors, and you may need to see them on numerous occasions to completely eradicate the issue. Turns out that a professional gutter cleaning was more affordable and less stressful than having to coordinate with an exterminator.

2. Damage to the system

Sagging gutters, clogged downspouts, and other gutter system concerns can quickly add up and damage your gutter system. If you have too much weight on any component of the gutter system, you’ll notice that the gutter begins to sag. This impairs proper water flow and damages the integrity of the gutter.

How do you address this once it’s already happened? Best case scenario, you can repair one area of your gutter. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to entirely replace your gutter system. This will quickly rack up your pocket books, and it’s an annoying and time consuming activity.

By conducting routine home maintenance and booking gutter cleaning services, you’re insuring the longevity of your gutters, so you don’t have to worry about more serious repairs down the road. Maintaining your preexisting system is the most cost-effective way to manage your gutter systems.

Save your money and sink it into that big screen television that you have had your eye on for months!

3. Water damage

When it comes to homes and technology, there’s one thing that you want to avoid: water damage. Collapsing and sagging gutters can result in roof leaks, foundation damage, structural damage, and serious damage to your roofing.

Your gutters properly the flow of rainwater throughout the exterior of your home. This ensures that water doesn’t build up on the fascia boards. If not addressed relatively quickly, water damage can effect the home’s foundation, and shingles, resulting in expensive roof repairs and immediate stress to the homeowner.

The best thing you can do is ensure that the water is properly flowing, and no water can seep into the structures of your home that need to be protected.

Another huge consequence of water damage is that it can result in a build-up of mold and mildew. Both of these present a health concern and a challenge to eradicate. Once your gutters build up mildew, you’ll have to hire a professional to conduct gutter maintenance, as removing mildew is not a DIY project.

4. Proper rain flow

Not only can stagnant water create water damage to your home, but if you’re experiencing an improper rain flow in your drainage system, you may notice water overflows out the sides of your gutter guards.

Aside from resulting in a leaky roof, you may find that parts of your landscaping becomes damaged. As water improperly builds up and pours over, any structures or foliage underneath are at risk.

By cleaning your gutters, you’ll notice that your system stays in good condition, and so do the structures, home, and landscaping around it.

5. Respect your home

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make! Of course, maintenance can be time consuming and daunting, however cleaning gutters is one of the most important routines you can get into. Clean gutters eliminate long-term effects and concerns down the road.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable tackling your own gutters, you can hire gutter cleaners to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The importance of gutter cleaning is endless for those that want to experience a comfortable home experience.

As workers in guttering, we have learned overtime how hesitant homeowners can be able the little routine tasks that they have to do. We understand that your life often gets booked up faster than intended, and gutter cleaning may not have the appeal for you to cancel your Saturday plans. Luckily, professional eavestrough cleaning service can take of this for you.

However, clogged gutters do pose an extreme concern to your gutter system. If you live in an area with a lot of overhead foliage, trees, or critters running around, you’ll want to get your gutters cleaned more frequently than those in a consistent climate.

Gutter cleaning is another task you have to add to your important home maintenance list! There is one thing you’ll never regret, and that’s taking care of your home to improve the longevity and integrity of the structures. Avoid pesky water damage or insect infestations by being mindful and diligent with different chores that need to be done around the house.

For more information about our services, tips, and tricks, browse the rest of our website or call our office today for hands-on advice and experience. We look forward to improving the exterior of your home, so the interior remains in great condition!

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important

When is the last time you cleaned your gutters? If you don’t know the answer to that question, then chances are it’s been too long.

To be fair, there are several visual ways to know whether your gutters need a routine clean. However, don’t make the mistake of putting this routine maintenance on the back burner. Homeowners that don’t appreciate the needs of their drainage system often are the first ones to suffer with hefty bills in response.

Gutter cleaning is an important component of your home maintenance. Gutters act as a drainage system that transport water away from your roof and the structure of your home. Clogged gutters can result in water damage, mildew, and expensive damage. Organic material can build-up in your gutters. This can attract critters.

There are some tell-tale signs that you need to do gutter maintenance. You can DIY with a pressure washer and extension ladder. But, we recommend hiring professional gutter cleaners to complete the job properly. If you’re interested in doing the job, it’s important to note that it is time consuming and difficult to do. Professional gutter cleaners have the proper tools to clean, and treat the gutters.

A common mistake at-home gutter cleaners do is use a garden hose to loosen clogs. This does not have enough pressure for the packed-down debris within the system. We recommend using a strong pressure washer to clean gutters. If there is moss growing, you’ll want to use chemicals to kill the moss from spreading further.

We have created a list of signs that your gutters need cleaning. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call a professional.

1. Water Staining

If you notice water staining on your fascia boards or roofing, it’s time to clean gutters. Clogged gutters can cause standing water and poor water flow. Not only does water staining look bad, but it can result in expensive structural damage. If the water isn’t drained and clogging continues, it can result in mildew and black mold. These both pose a severe health risk to family members and tenants.

After having a professional assess your gutter system, we suggest a sealant for wood fascia to omit further problems. Gutter guards can also help the water flow in the correct direction.

If you have experienced water staining, you might want a professional to fix the damage. This will improve your curb appeal.

2. Sagging Gutters

Are your gutters starting to sag? This is a tell-tale sign of too much weight within the gutter system, or a clog in the downspout. The integrity of the rain gutters and hangers should remain stable overtime. This can especially happen in two-story homes with a sophisticated gutter system.

Sagging gutters can enhance the effects of clogs. Once the angle of the gutters is damaged, water will have a difficult time draining.

If you notice your gutters are beginning to sag, you’ll want to do a DIY gutter scoop. If you want, you can call the professionals in to address the issue. Over time, gutter sagging can damage the entire system and you may need new gutters. This is an expensive option, that can easily be avoided with regular maintenance.

3. Overflowing Water

If water is overflowing out of the sides of your gutters during a rain storm, you may need guttering maintenance. This can be a sign of clogged gutters or you may need a larger downspout to transport the water.

Depending on the spring melt in your area, you may need to change your drainage system. To find a good fit for your home, consider turning to a professional to help. We can help assess the needs of your home and provide feedback on how to improve your system.

Overflowing water can cause irreparable damage to the surrounding landscaping. Topsoil can erode and moist ground can be a breeding area for insects. Cleaning gutters will help avoid these issues. Your landscaping improves the curb appeal of your home. Landscaping can also cost thousands of dollars. Don’t allow overflowing water to damage the exterior of your home.

4. Insect Infestation

Standing water also leads to moisture build-up and moss growth. Moss growth can cause damage to shingles, and it can be hard to treat, and insects can flock to organic waste. If you notice ants, termites, or roaches around your home, they may be attracted to clogged gutters.

Insect infestation can result in severe damage to your home. Critters such as termites can quickly gnaw away at the structure and wood fascia. Animals may also find home in your gutters. Birds and squirrels can pick away at mold and moss.

If you find too many critters in the area, it’s time to get a gutter cleaning. If you’ve noticed termites or an ant infestation, one of the best places to check first is your gutters. The quicker you clean the debris and treat the area, the less opportunity the insects will have to damage the home.

5. It’s Been Too Long

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: You should remember the last time you had a gutter cleaning. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve done routine gutter maintenance, then it’s been too long.

Having your gutters cleaned at least 1-2 times per year is recommended. However, we suggest to some customers that they have them cleaned quarterly for a fresh start. If you live in an area that has extreme weather or several trees, the more frequent the better.

We recommend getting into a routine schedule for gutter cleans. If you do it twice a year, choose the same two months every year so you don’t miss a maintenance checkup.

6. Roof and Basement Leaks

If you’re getting unexplained leaks in your roof and basement, it’s time to clean your gutters. As the wood fascia gets moist and damaged, water can begin to seep into your home. Not only does this damage drywall and flooring, but it also can lead to black mold and other harmful consequences.

You may also begin to notice water in your attic. This is a deep concern if not handled quickly. It usually means your gutters have been clogged for quite some time. Overall, water shouldn’t be getting into your home unexplainably. Once this happens, you will need a professional to check the entire gutter system for further damage.

Overall, if you’re noticing any of these issues, then it’s time to do a thorough check of your gutter system. Having reliable gutters is necessary for large storms and spring melt. If you keep up with routine maintenance, you won’t invest as much money down the road on repairs.

For more information about gutter care, visit the rest of our website or call our office today.

How Do You Know If Your Gutters Need Cleaning?

Most Toronto home and business owners forget to maintain clean looking windows. Many people can’t see the value of clean windows. Yet, there are a few key reasons why window cleaning is important. Whether you do-it-yourself, or hire a window cleaning company it’s a good idea. Here are five of the most significant reasons to clean your dirty windows on a regular basis:

Clean Windows Prevents Glass Degradation

Acid rain and hard water can cause a build-up of debris on your windows, sills, and window frames. Aside from looking bad, acid rain will damage your home and glass windows over time.

Dirt particles will enter the glass’ pores, contaminating and corroding the windows. The first things you may notice will be some light scratches or cracks. Eventually, an unmaintained window can be altered on a structural level and will need a full replacement. Cleaning your windows will prevent this outcome and give your windows far more longevity.

Keeping your windows clean is especially important if you live near a roadway or construction site. Overspray from salting roads or spray paint can be bad for your home. Removing hard minerals is simple when you hire a professional window cleaning service. They have the know-how to use the best cleaning solutions for the job, leaving a smudge and streak-free finish. Most professional offer free quotes so you have nothing to lose by calling.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Everyone want’s to have a great looking home, and clean windows will make your home shine. Professional window cleaners can make the job quick and easy, simply schedule regular window cleaning. Combined with regular exterior cleaning, such a pressure washing, and your home will look always it’s best. Not only is this good for your homes value, clean windows will make your home look great for friends and family alike.

Stop Bad Air Quality

Dirt particles will buildup on your windows and sills, diminishing your property’s air quality. One of these particles can be mold, which poses a severe health threat over time. Mold can be a health hazard for many people. Whether it’s your family, employees, or yourself. Long-term exposure can even lead to issues with lungs among other medical issues. If the air in your property seems more stagnant than usual, a window cleaning can help to clear the air.

Better Heating Efficiency

We all know that Toronto can be cold during certain months; what may not always be top of mind is that your windows can help heat your property. Excess dirt, grime, and general particle buildup can block out parts of a window. All this buildup reflects the sun’s UV rays and robs your property of the sun’s free heat. Over time, this extra cost will add up on your energy bills. When you regularly clean your windows you can improve your homes heat efficiency.

Enjoy A Better View

If your windows are dirty chances are they’re blocking out natural light and colour of the outdoor world. This can be a depressing. Regardless of whether your view is modest or not, a clear, transparent window is always more enjoyable to look through than a filthy screen. If you plan on selling your home, unclean windows are a turn off for potential buyers. Pristine windows are a sign the home has been well cared for.

Along the same lines as improving your view, clean windows also make a better impression on your guests. No one wants someone to get the wrong idea about them because of some windows, but this is something people get judged for all the time. Those that run a business will certainly want clean windows if they want assert a professional image and impress their clients. Your employees or family may even feel happier since clean windows are known to subconsciously improve people’s moods!

Some people think professional cleaning of windows is only for commercial buildings. But, there are many commercial window cleaning companies that also provide residential service. If you’re considering having your windows cleaned in Toronto, we invite you to take a look at our window cleaning services. We also provide more services such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning.

5 Reasons Why Window Cleaning is Important

Mold needs to be dealt with quickly once you have noticed it on your windows and window sills or casings. Once mold has taken hold in your home it can quickly transfer to hard to clean spots where it can multiply quickly. Black mold can be highly toxic to you and your family. It can get into your walls through tiny cracks and grow inside the home where it can get into the HVAC system and spread around the home. Removing mold is tough once it has spread so as soon as you notice you need to act fast and clean the affected area.

Our team has seen quite a number of windows with black mold while providing service across Toronto. It can be a serious problem when left unchecked. Before you go out looking for replacement windows, read on to discover how to remove black mold and save yourself thousands of dollars.

How Does Mold Get On Window Sills?

Mold spores can be deposited on your windows, sills and casings when the wind blows. Once the spores are on the windows or the frame moisture from condensation and the heat from the sun can cause it grow quickly. Having potted plants along the window sill can also cause black mold growth if you don’t carefully clean the areas around the pots.

How To Get Rid of Mold & Mildew

Cleaning up black mold is a little more involved than cleaning regular dirt off of your windows. Don’t bother with the old baking soda & vinegar trick, that’s not going to work here.

If you suspect a serious mold problem, call a professional. If you’re dealing with a bit of mold near your window sill you can get away with a DIY clean up. Make sure you don’t breathe in any of the mold spores. You should wet the area completely before you start cleaning to prevent spores from kicking up. Getting the mold spores wet will keep them from flying off into other areas of the home or into the air where they might be breathed in by your family or pets. If you have a HEPA air purifier place it near the area where you are working to keep air is clean. Make sure that all kids and pets are safely out of the area before you clean the mold.

Before you take on black mold you need to make sure that have a few things:

  • Face mask / dust mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray bottle with clean water
  • One or more; microfiber cloth, scrub sponge, paper towels (use something you don’t mind throwing out)
  • Bucket for cleaning solution

Once you have your safety equipment ready to go; mix a mold removal cleaning solution:

  • Warm water
  • Bleach (or white vinegar)

The water will loosen the grip of the mold on the window so that you can remove it and bleach (or white vinegar) will kill any mold spores in the area. If you’re using bleach you’ll want to mix a solution using about a cup of bleach with a gallon of water. Just remember, do not mix bleach with other cleaning supplies as that can cause a dangerous reaction.

Clean the area

  1. Make sure the area you’re working in has plenty of fresh air and good ventilation. Turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom if that’s where you are cleaning. Turn on your HEPA air purifier as well to help maintain air quality.
  2. Spray the affected area with the clean water.
  3. Using your microfiber cloth, dip it into the cleaning solution and soak the affected area thoroughly.
  4. Use a soft steel wool pad or scrub sponge to loosen all the mold. If you are cleaning mold off a window sill or casing, a small foam brush is a fantastic tool to use to clean mold off window sills and casings. The small size of this brush makes it easier to kill hard to reach mold.
  5. Let the window and the window sills dry with the bleach mixture still on.
  6. Spray the window and the window sills down again with water.
  7. Rinse the window and sills with plain hot water. Clean off the water with paper towels or an absorbent cloth.
  8. Make sure that any towels, sponges, or clothes you used to scrub the mold go into a sealed plastic bag instead of directly into the trash. That way the mold can’t spread to your trash can.
  9. After you have rinsed everything down with hot water turn a fan on the window and sill to dry it or use a hair dryer to dry it. Make sure it’s totally dry.

Mold needs water to grow so making sure the window and sill have no water anywhere near them will prevent mold from growing again. If the mold is very stubborn you may need a stiff bristled brush to pry the mold off the window or the sills. Just make sure that you remember to always wet the area before scrubbing so that the mold spores don’t fall into the house. And never remove your mask or respirator.

Once the window and the sills are dry you shouldn’t have any more problems with mold. But you might want to apply a wood sealer to the wood window frame or paint over it to prevent any mold from growing in the future.

How To Remove Mold From Exterior Windows & Window Casings

You might find your exterior windows have mold on them. It might be on the glass, sills, or window casings. We recommend hiring professional window cleaning company to take care of this task. They will use a fungicide on the window itself to prevent the growth of mold and to prevent mold from blowing into the house from an open window.

Professional cleaning of interior windows can help eliminate mold growth too. If you have a respiratory condition like asthma or allergies you should contact a professional window cleaner. This will stop the mold from triggering an allergies or asthma problem. Professional cleaning once a year is strongly recommended for all homeowners.

How To Clean Mold On Window Sills, Glass, and Frames

Water fed pole window cleaning is one of the most recent innovations in window cleaning. Some window cleaners have completely changed their operation as a result. Water fed pole technology has a lot of advantages for getting windows cleaned but there are some disadvantages too.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and disadvantages of using water fed pole cleaning for window washing and what it means for homeowners.

What is the Water Fed Pole System?

A water fed pole used for cleaning windows is a system that includes a pump and an expandable pole that has a specialized cleaning brush head. There is a hose that runs the full length of the tube. When the water is pumped through the hose and through the brush it shoots out at a very high pressure, similar to a pressure washer. But the water stream is easily controlled by the technician.

The window cleaning technician uses the wet brush to clean the window with special purified and de-ionized water.

The Secret? A Wet Brush & Purified Water

The wet brush is designed to loosen all the dirt and debris from the window using only the water. The water breaks the seal between the dirt and the window so that it can easily be brushed away and then rinsed off with the purified water.

Purified Water Leaves No Streaks

The purified water has no minerals that will leave residue or a chalky finish on the window so the window dries streak free and sparkling clean. The pole can be expanded up to a height of 70 feet so that cleaning techs on the ground can use it to reach even tall skylights or second or third story windows easily and safely.

The Advantages of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

When window cleaners uses this system to clean windows they are able to access windows up to 70 feet high without a ladder. That makes cleaning windows a lot safer, even for trained technicians that know how to safely and comfortably move on a ladder.

Easy to Transport

A water fed pole system also is easy to transport. In fact, the entire system can fit on a small cart that can be wheeled into tiny spaces. This makes it ideal to clean windows that are difficult to access. Apartment buildings, homes that are built on narrow alleys and other types of homes that have very little space around them can have their windows professionally cleaned when the technician uses a water fed pole system because there is no need to get a truck or heavy ladders in the space.

Improved Safety

If the ground around the home is very sloped it can be extremely dangerous to mount tall ladders in the area. With such a system a technician can clean even tall skylights and upper floor windows without having to climb a ladder that is in a precarious spot. This means that more homeowners can get their windows cleaned safely and quickly.

With a water fed pole system, workers do not need to take risks standing on ladders and can complete the job much quicker. Saving money for the customer and time for the window cleaning company.

Faster Window Cleaning

Using a water fed pole system can cut the amount of time it takes to get your windows professionally cleaned by up to 60%. So if you have an event coming up like a graduation party, birthday party or barbecue and you want to make your house look great you can have your windows cleaned in a day by a professional technician that is using this technology.

Not Just for Windows

Water fed pole cleaning systems also can safely rinse dirt and debris from the window frame and small cracks and crevices so that the area around the window is clean as well as the actual glass.

No Soap, or Cleaning Chemicals

Another big advantage of water fed poles is that the water fed pole system doesn’t use soap or chemicals to clean glass. That means there won’t be any soapy or possibly toxic residue runoff that could harm your pets or kids. And since no soap is used there is no danger of the soap residue dripping down onto your home’s siding or onto other windows that have just been cleaned.

The System Only Uses Purified Water

A water fed pole system uses only purified water at high intensity to clean. Unlike tap water, the purified water has no chemicals or minerals in it. The minerals in unpurified water are what can leave chalky streaks on windows when they are cleaned with unpurified water. The purified water is pumped through the brush at great intensity.

The wet brush is used to scrub the window. The water loosens all the dirt and grime on the window and then that dirt and grime are just rinsed away. The purified water leaves windows sparkling clean and will never leave residue on the windows that can make the windows look chalky or streaked.


The Disadvantages of a Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

There really aren’t that many disadvantages to using a water fed pole system to clean exterior windows on homes.

Difficulty Cleaning Oily or Greasy Windows

One of the few disadvantages is that the water cleaning system won’t work on windows that are oily because there is no soap used and soap is needed to break up oil on the glass. But most homeowners don’t get a lot of oily deposits on their windows so in most cases a water fed pole window washing system works just fine.

The System is Expensive to Rent or Purchase

Another disadvantage is that these systems can be expensive. But this really just means that it’s much more cost-effective for homeowners to hire a professional window cleaning company that has a state of the art water fed pole cleaning system instead of renting their own to clean their own windows.

When a reputable window cleaning company uses a water fed pole system to clean the exterior windows of homes there are no disadvantages for homeowners. The water fed pole system makes it easy for trained and experienced technicians to clean all the windows on the exterior of the home, even high story windows or skylight, without using any kind of chemicals or soaps that can leave streaks or runoff in the yard. Plants, kids, and pets will be safe and the home will look great with clean sparkling windows.


Water Fed Pole Cleaning – Good or Bad?

No matter how hard you try to keep your windows clean they wind up dirty. Whether it’s your auto glass, TV screen, car windows, or other glass surface – it’s almost always caused by fingerprints.

Opening and closing your window or adjusting curtains and blinds might get fingerprints on your windows. If you have kids or pets who like to put their faces right up to the glass, you could get smudges on your windows from that too.

Keeping your glass clean helps make your home looks sparkling clean. But, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re cleaning your windows the right way. Not taking care in cleaning might result in damage to your glass, or making the smudge worse. Other times people don’t know how to get fingerprints off glass.

Before you go shopping for an expensive glass cleaning kit, you might want to DIY with what you have. So here are some expert tips on how to clean you windows to keep them smudge and fingerprint free:

Do Not Clean Glass With Paper Towel

Using paper towels to try and clean your window can actually make your windows look worse.

It may seem to be the most obvious way to remove fingerprints from glass surfaces. If you’re like most people, your first instinct is to grab a roll of paper towels when you see smudges or fingerprints on your windows. Next, you’ll grab a glass cleaning product to clean them off the window. But, window cleaner won’t work on oily fingerprints and paper towels are terrible to clean windows with.

You should never use paper towels. That’s because paper towels tend to shed when they’re wet. They leave behind little bits of wet paper that stick to the window and they also can leave behind lint and debris.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean Fingerprints

A microfiber cloth or cotton cloth might be able to clean your windows even when it’s dry.

Instead of paper towel, keep a microfiber cloth or two with your cleaning supplies intended for cleaning glass. A cotton cloth can also do the same job.

A clean, dry, and soft microfiber cloth will do a much better job removing fingerprints and smudges. Wipe the window glass with a dry microfiber cloth to take care of dust, debris and smudges.

Use A Degreaser or DIY Window Cleaner

One option is to use a regular degreaser liquid if you have one, or you can use a drop of dish soap mixed with hot tap water. If you can get your hands on de-ionized water that works even better.

Human hands have natural oils all over them. Fingerprints appear on a window because the oils have transferred to the window in the shape of the fingers and finger tips. So cleaning those fingerprints with plain water won’t get rid of them.

You need to use a cleaning product designed to remove grease and oil. Try to mix one up yourself with a little de-greasing liquid or dish soap. Dip the microfiber cloth into the liquid and use that to wipe off smudges and handprints. That’s the best way to clean fingerprints off of glass.

Use A Squeegee For A Streak-free Shine

A squeegee is a very versatile and easy to use tool that you should have on hand for cleaning windows.

A squeegee makes cleaning windows a lot easier. It’s a good idea to have several sizes of squeegees if you have different types of windows.

A squeegee can help if you have any left over smudging or streaking after you clean the fingerprints. After you clean the fingerprints, wash the entire window in plain hot water and squeegee it. That will give your windows a streak free shine, allowing natural light in through the window.

It’s not easy to avoid getting fingerprints or smudges on windows. But, they can be easy to clean if you know what to do and no need for a glass cleaning kits.

On the other hand, hiring a professional window cleaning company can make job even easier.

professional window cleaner cleans fingerprints off glass at a restaurant

A professional window cleaner will make the job easy!

Annual Professional Cleaning

It’s a good idea to have your windows cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Springtime is the ideal time of year for this. This way your windows look great for the warm season. A professional cleaning will make sure they’re cleaned from top to bottom, and any fingerprints will be a small problem for you to handle.

Once cleaned, a professional can treat your window with a special coating. The coating will help prevent smudging and fingerprints in the future, keeping your windows sparkling all year round.

A Professional Will Examine Window Damage

During a professional cleaning the technician will examine your windows.

Common window issues include chipping, cracking, pitting, or other damage. Also, they will make sure your window frame is in good shape as well. If there are signs of mold, signs of damage, or other concerns that need your attention a window tech will let you know.

That way you can protect your family from potential hazards and protect your windows from damage. Replacing windows is expensive and time consuming. But getting once a year window cleaning and inspection along with DIY cleaning throughout the year will keep your home’s windows in great shape.

How To Clean & Remove Fingerprints From Glass

Home maintenance isn’t just time-consuming and sometimes expensive, it can also be downright dangerous. In 2022, everyone is trying to cut some corners to save a buck but we recommend you leave cleaning your windows to the pros, read on to find out why.

Trying to do home maintenance chores yourself if you don’t have a lot of experience can end up causing damage to your home and can end up putting you in the hospital. It happens every year. Thousands of homeowners try to save a little money by doing home maintenance tasks on their own after viewing some videos online or reading tutorials and they end up getting seriously injured as a result of not hiring a professional.

There are some home maintenance tasks that you can do by yourself. Like mowing your lawn or doing your own gardening. But in general, the heavy cleaning and maintenance should be left to the professionals. In Toronto, professional window cleaners have the right equipment and the right training as well as the experience to do some of the more difficult home maintenance jobs without causing injury to themselves or damaging the home.

Don’t DIY Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of those home maintenance chores that you should always leave to the professionals. Good home maintenance includes cleaning exterior windows and to make your home look great and maintain your home’s curb appeal. But cleaning exterior windows without any experience or professional grade equipment can be dangerous. You can easily hurt yourself or damage your home if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Cleaning exterior windows is different from cleaning interior windows. A rag and some window cleaner won’t cut it when you’re cleaning exterior windows that have dirt, pollen, debris and dust caked onto them. And if your home has large picture windows, skylights, or is more than one story it is definitely dangerous for you to try and clean those windows yourself. Check out some of the biggest dangers of DIY window cleaning and then call a professional window cleaning company for a quote to get your windows cleaned the right way.

Ladder safety is very important. Many homeowners end up in the hospital every year from a lack of safety precautions.

Ladder Danger

Ladder usage is the most obvious danger of DIY window cleaning and it’s the one that sends most homeowners to the hospital.

If you’re not used to working on a ladder you can very easily hurt yourself If you’re trying to handle a pressure washer and move about easily at huge heights. In order to clean windows safely on a ladder, you need to have heavy duty construction grade ladders. The simple extendable ladder from the home store that you can pick up cheap isn’t going to be up to the challenge of window cleaning. And if you try to use a pressure washer or water fed pole cleaning system while you are mounted on a ladder and you don’t have the experience you can fall very easily off the ladder. You might break bones or even give yourself a concussion.

If your home has sloped yard around it you may not even be able to get a ladder into position safely so that you can clean your windows. A professional window cleaning company will have a state of the art water fed pole system that can be used in these situations.  A water fed pole system can fit into small spaces or into yards that have a significant slope so that no one has to climb up on dangerous ladders.

Rental Equipment

If you were going to try and clean your exterior windows by yourself you would need to rent equipment to do that. And when you rent home maintenance equipment like pressure washers you don’t get extensive training on how to use them safely. You may end up with equipment that is defective or not working properly. You will also probably end up with old equipment that doesn’t function very well anymore. In addition to substandard equipment, you’ll have to figure out how to use the equipment on your own because you won’t get any additional training.

Using a volatile piece of machinery like a pressure washer when you have no idea what you’re doing is a recipe for disaster. The kickback from the pressure washer could injure you or cause you to fall. And the uncontrolled power of a pressure washer can damage your home by blasting roofing shingles off, damaging the glass in the windows, damaging the window frame or damaging the roof and the siding of your home.

Don’t take chances when it comes to cleaning your windows safely and keeping your home intact. If you want to do some household maintenance like mowing the laws by yourself you can do tasks like that safely. But when it comes to gutter cleaning, window washing, and other high stakes home maintenance chores hire a professional. Expert window cleaning company have the right training, the experience, and the top grade equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and on budget.

The Dangers of Window Cleaning

2021 is upon us and many people are looking for new novel solutions for age old problems. Deionized water is one way to clean your windows without having to pollute the environment.

You have probably been hearing a lot about water fed pole window cleaning and how it’s a revolutionary window to clean windows and leave them looking fantastic. The secret to the way that a water fed pole system works for cleaning windows is that it only used deionized purified water. That’s it. No soap or chemicals. Just pure deionized water. That’s safer for you and your family and your plants because it means that there won’t be any soapy runoff that could be toxic to your family, your kids, or your pets. And it won’t kill any plants or young trees that you have around your home. But how can water alone clean exterior windows that have a build-up of dirt and debris?

loft apartment with clean windows letting the sun shine in

Going from dirty to clean windows transforms any space for the better.


The Power of Water

Deionized water that has no minerals in it leaves windows beautifully clean without any streaking or chalky finish. When a window technician uses a water fed pole system to clean your exterior windows they use the brush and the water itself to clean the windows. When the deionized water is pumped through the hose connected to the pole it shoots out with great force. That force is harnessed by the technician who uses a special wet brush to clean the dirt from the windows. The deionized water breaks the seal between the dirt and the glass which loosens the dirt and allows it to be washed away by the power of the water. And because the water is pure there is nothing left on the window. That’s how a water fed pole system can get even second or third story windows sparkling clean with just the power of water.

Easy Window Cleaning Anywhere

A water fed pole system is also quite compact so that the technician can use it in areas where ladders or trucks can’t be used. If there is a slope around your house that makes it difficult or dangerous to put up tall ladders the water fed pole system is the perfect way to get your windows clean. The water container and pump system can fit onto a small cart or sometimes into a kit the size of a backpack that can fit into almost any size space.

Of if you’re your home is adjacent to an alley or is fenced and there isn’t a large enough opening for a lot of equipment the technician can easily maneuver a water fed pole cleaning system inside so that all of your exterior windows can be reached.

The Benefits of Deionized Water Cleaning

A water fed pole system that uses deionized water has a lot of benefits for homeowners. Not using any soap or chemicals to clean the windows is obviously better for the health and safety of your family, your kids and your pets. No one wants their pets or kids playing outside and coming into contact with the runoff from window cleaning that contains powerful detergents or chemical reside. But water fed pole cleaning is also better for the landscaping around your home. There’s no danger to plants, shrubs or trees that might be adjacent to the house. And you don’t have to worry about your plants being exposed to toxic runoff when a technician uses a water fed pole system to clean your windows.

But if you are worried about the environment and you choose to live in an environmentally friendly way then water fed pole cleaning is the best choice for you when it comes to window washing. There will be no soap or chemicals that might get into the groundwater or hurt the ecosystem. Pure mineral free water is the only runoff when your windows are cleaned professionally using a water fed pole system. And dirt, of course.

Water fed pole systems that use deionized water to clean windows are also safer for your home. There is no soap or reside or mineral debris that can get onto the siding of your home or your roof or other windows that can cause damage over time. And because only water is used to clean the windows when the window frames are cleaned you won’t need to worry about soaps or chemicals breaking down the seal on the windows or damaging the window frames. The pure mineral free water will provide a good cleaning for the window frame and the surrounding siding as well for the window.

Water fed pole cleaning is the best way to clean exterior windows. If you have been putting off getting your exterior windows cleaned because you didn’t want soaps and harsh chemicals used to clean your windows, call a window cleaning company today and ask for water fed pole cleaning for your exterior windows. You’ll get the sparkling windows that you want with just the power of pure deionized water.

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