Many home and business owners in Etobicoke quickly forget about their windows, but keeping them sparkling and clean can be truly rewarding. You may even think that your windows don’t need to be cleaned, but when the light hits a window at certain angles, you start to see all kinds of smudges you never noticed before. Getting your windows to stop being blurry curtains is only a matter of routine maintenance. Look to the following advice if you want to restore those crystal-clear windows that used to brighten up your property!

Equip Yourself

You will certainly want a squeegee with a sturdy frame and possibly an adjustable handle, a sponge (regular or on a stick like the squeegee) and some kind of window cleaning solution. Make sure the cleaning solution is advertised to be effective for the type of window you are cleaning. Paper towel and rubber gloves can also be a wise investment for keeping things tidy. Depending on where your windows reside, you may also need a step ladder and a regular ladder to give you better leverage. No matter what kind of cleaner you use, keep in mind that too much soap can leave unsightly streaks on your windows.

Remove Dirt Appropriately

Never rub a dirt-covered window to clean it. Doing this could scratch the glass of your window and only damage it further. You want to carefully wipe dirt off with either a damp cloth or using a sponge and then a squeegee. A dabbing technique can help you avoid having the minerals of sand, dust, and dirt scrape against your windows. Certain vacuum nozzles could also be effective for removing bits of dirt too. Remember to wipe your squeegee blade with a moist cloth or something similar to ensure that your squeegee doesn’t get dry and skip along the glass. Also try to press only lightly with the squeegee and try not to go overboard with the water you put on your window.

Don’t Forget Your Screens

Since your screens are in such close proximity to your windows, you don’t want to forget to clean them as well. Leaving them dusty and grimy will only cause your newly cleaned windows to get dirty that much quicker. Using a vacuum for the dust and giving them a scrub and rinse with warm water can work great. If your screens contain metal, it can be wise to dry them quickly as moisture residue can cause oxidization and rust buildup. Cleaning your screens is key if you want to get your Etobicoke property gleaming again!

Miscellaneous Concerns

Avoid cleaning your windows on hot days with direct sunlight exposure because this will make the window dry too quickly and leave soap and water marks. Only use a tougher paper towel since a softer one will leave undesirable paper flecks. Also keep in mind that squeegees will be ineffective when it comes to stained glass or glass with a texture. Cotton and micro-fiber cloths can be useful for window cleaning though you might need to get the appropriate type of micro-fiber. Feeling more prepared to start maintaining your windows? If you require further assistance, Window Cleaning People in Etobicoke can help you clean your windows even more efficiently and will know what cleaning products work best for your particular window.