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As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we want to keep our customers updated.

Our goal is to continue helping our customers for as long as we are able to during this uncertain time. At the moment, our business is operational and we’re able to continue working safely in most areas.

We have taken proactive steps to keep you and our teams safe:

  • Ensuring good hygiene practices, including proper and frequent hand washing
  • Using hand sanitizer as an additional step, and using disinfecting wipes in our trucks on all high touch surfaces
  • Ensuring our teams are wearing gloves, as per our standard business practice
  • Ensuring our team members are not working if they’re feeling unwell
  • Enacting mandatory reporting should a team member come into close contact with anyone with COVID-19 or if they contract it themselves
  • Stopping the practice of shaking customers hands and replacing it with a smile instead
  • If you prefer a no-contact service, you don’t need come out to greet us. We can get started and complete our work without any contact
  • We can also take payment over the phone if you wish to avoid contact

Steps you can take to help:

  • Please do not schedule a service if you feel unwell
  • Tell us if you, or anyone in your immediate household, has been exposed to COVID-19
  • Greet us with a smile instead of a handshake

If you have questions or need support with canceling or rescheduling an appointment that is booked within the next 24 hours, please call 416-687-6365. To change or update any appointments booked beyond then, please email us at info@windowcleaningpeople.ca

Don’t worry about trying to do it yourself and get hurt, our team has the experience and skills necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. Our team leaves behind only clean windows – contact us today for a free estimate!