Mention gutter cleaning and most property owners think that it’s a relatively simple task that can be done using a leaf blower to remove blockages. Partly true. Leaves are one of the most commonly found things that can cause blockages in gutters. But they are by far not the only things you’d encounter while trying to clean your eavestrough. In fact, most people who clean their gutters for the first time, end up being shocked at some of the things they find.

Here’s a list of 8 things you’d least expect to find in gutters. But are most likely to encounter.

  1. Tennis Balls: If you have kids at home, then chances are that tennis balls often end up in gutters. And they are just the right size to fit snugly into the downpipe causing a clog that prevents water from flowing freely.
  2. Possums: With the warm and cozy ambience, gutters are the perfect place for possums to seek harborage in during winters. These nocturnal mammals will go about their work while you sleep and rest during the day. They do not like to be disturbed and you will be shocked at the teeth on them. If you suspect that possums may be nesting in your gutters, then you will have to seek help from a professional gutter cleaning Toronto company.
  3. Moss: Some types of roofs are prone to moss growth. If you see moss on the roof, then you can be rest assured that some of it finds its way into the gutter and the downspout. And it can form a blockage much sooner than you would expect.
  4. Wasps: Critters often seek harborage in gutters. But wasps are the worst of them all. You do not want to share your guttering system with a yellow jacket. They can sting and their nests can put unwanted pressure on the gutter, especially at the seams. This will eventually cause leaks and can even damage the guttering system permanently.
  5. Spiders: If you have arachnophobia, then you should not even attempt cleaning the gutter yourself. Gutters are prime real estate for spiders. They love the warm, moist and cozy surroundings and they can often find their way into your attic. What’s worse than finding a spider in your gutter? Its finding a whole nest of spiders.
  6. Firework debris: If it goes up, it has to come down. You may be surprised at the amount of firework debris that is removed from downspouts every day.
  7. Trees: Oh yes. We are talking about trees with roots spreading deep into the downpipes. The rich silt, weathered off the roof clubbed with the endless supply of water and sun makes it the perfect place for trees to thrive. You will probably need the skills and expertise of professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies to remove a tree from the gutter and downpipe without damaging it.
  8. Grass: Grass doesn’t sound too damaging. But having a lush green gutter with heavy grass cover can put tremendous pressure on the gutter. And in extreme cases, the gutter has collapsed completely under the weight of the grass.

Most property owners are not skilled or trained to tackle these problems. Hence it is recommended that you hire a gutter cleaning Toronto company to ease the job.