Home selling season is kicking off and if you’re putting your house on the market this year there are some insider tricks that you should know that will attract more buyers. The key to making your home look great to potential buyers is making it look fresh and new. Even if you have an older home that does need updating if it feels and looks fresh and clean buyers will be interested. Especially if you make the most of the good features that the house has. Here are five tips from expert real estate agents that will help you sell your home faster without spending a lot of money:

Stage Your Yard

It’s important to make the outside of your home look as good as the inside. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money giving the yard and garden areas a facelift you should at least get the yard staged. Staging the yard means that all overgrowth and branches that have fallen from trees will be removed. Hedges and outdoor plants will be weeded and trimmed back and the clippings disposed of. Make sure your eavestroughs are cleaned out and also mow your grass or have sod laid if the grass is sparse. Outdoor furniture and items like grills can be used to stage the yard the way a director would set the stage for a play. That way people who look at your home can imagine themselves and their families using the yard for playing or entertaining.

Pressure Wash Your Home

Replacing the siding of your home or painting the home might not be an option for you because both of those can be expensive to do. But getting your home pressure washed will make your home look as good as if it had new siding or a new paint job at a fraction of the cost. Professional power washing can blast off dirt, debris, mold, and grime so that your house looks shining clean and attractive. If you want buyers to love your home from the minute they see it investing in a professional pressure wash is a smart way to amp up the curb appeal of your home and get the interest of buyers.

Don’t Forget The Doors

When it comes to selling your home paying attention the small details are important. Things like pressure washing and staging matter a lot. So don’t forget to clean off your doors and the entryway to your home. A pressure wash on the front door can make the doorway really stand out and make it a lot more attractive to buyers. You might want to paint the front door a new bold colour. Just make sure you get it washed first so that you have a clean surface to paint on. Or just give the front and back doors a good pressure wash so that they are clean and attractive again. Add some planters with flowers near the front door and a brand new welcome mat outside the door. Those kinds of small details make a big difference to potential buyers.

Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Replacing windows is expensive and can be very time consuming. If you’re selling home and don’t want to put a lot of money into fixing up the house one of the most affordable ways to make your home look like it’s had a makeover is to get the windows professionally cleaned. Professional window cleaners will clean the windows and the window frames so that your exterior windows will look like they’re new. And the interior windows will sparkle and let in lots of brilliant natural light that will make the interior of your home look brighter, bigger, and more attractive. Dollar for dollar a professional window cleaning is one of the best investments you can make in your home when you’re trying to sell it.

Clean Decks And Patios

Making sure that the front of the house is appealing is very important, but don’t forget about the back of the house. Outdoor living and entertaining space are important to buyers. You can make sure that the patio and garden area out back looks attractive and fresh by getting the wooden deck or concrete patio pressure washed. Pressure washing will remove layers of built-up dirt, bacteria, and other debris from the deck or patio so that those outdoor spaces look as inviting as possible. Potential buyers need to see themselves sitting outside sipping a drink when they look at the yard and garden area.

If your deck needs to be stained again you should make sure it’s pressure washed before staining it so that you don’t seal dirt or debris into the deck. If that happens that dirt and bacteria will destroy the wood over time. Make sure that your deck looks new and attractive and buyers will be more interested in your home.