There is a common misconception among homeowners that gutters are an unwanted hassle. And cleaning gutters is usually the last chore that homeowners attend to. Most people do not even consider it important to periodically inspect the gutter. We have seen homes in Toronto with gutters sagging under the weight of standing water. We wonder how the property owner will react when they detect water damage in the walls or even in the foundational structure. Yes, that’s right. If left unattended, gutters can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are 5 problems that are caused due to neglected eavestroughs.

Damaged Roof

A clogged gutter will stop the water from flowing into the downspout. After some time, the standing water will start to damage your roof surface and the wood sheeting. Eventually, the wood sheeting starts to rot and become structurally weak. The very nature of water damage makes it almost impossible to repair or restore the wood and it has to be replaced. This is one of the most common expenses that homeowners have to bear due to their failure to clean their gutters. If you suspect that water may have backed up in your gutter, then speak to an eavestrough cleaning Toronto Company today.

Damaged Wood Fascia

Water logging may sound like a ‘miniscule’ puddle of water getting collected in one part of your eaves. However, it can weigh as much as 8 pounds per gallon. Your gutter is not designed to bear this weight. Eventually, the gutter attachments loosen and get separated from the wood fascia. And constant exposure to water damages this wood. Water spills over the edges of gutters and also rots the wood.

Damaged walls and doors

A clogged gutter will have water falling over the edges and it will come in contact with the doors, windows, patio and walls below it. While the exterior of a home is sturdy enough to bear the vagaries of weather, it is not designed to be constantly in contact with water. After a period of time, it will start to warp and weaken.

The Foundation

This one takes the cake. Gutters are designed to take water away from your foundation and direct it to the drainage system or a place where the excess water is absorbed. A faulty guttering system on the other hand, allows the water to overflow and percolate into the walls and eventually into the foundation of the home. Your entire home rests on the foundation and water contact causes it to weaken, crack and even sink, in extreme cases.

The Landscaping

Excessive water from an overflowing gutter can also damage the landscape.

Slippery areas

The constant exposure to water can cause algae growth near the walkway, the driveway or the entry point around the home. This area can tend to be extremely slippery and can cause accidental falls if a person is not careful enough. All these problems can easily be avoided with regular gutter cleaning. Speak to an eavestrough cleaning Toronto company today to get a free estimate for your home.