The purpose of a guttering system is to allow water to run off away from the structural foundation. However, over a period of time, your gutter can accumulate everything from dirt, debris, silt, leaves, plants, tennis balls and pests. Usually, it’s the last one that can cause more problems than the rest. Think about it. You decide to clean the gutters on a beautiful weekend. You climb on the ladder, reach the part of the gutter that has been sagging and suddenly, you see a yellow jacket wasp fly out from the gutter straight towards you. If that passed a shiver down your spine, then you may be flabbergasted to know that wasps are not the only critters that love nesting in your gutters. Here are 5 types of pests that are commonly found in eavestroughs.

The Stingers

These are the worst types of critters to invade guttering systems and unfortunately, also the most common ones. If getting stung by a wasp wasn’t bad enough, imagine getting chased by a swarm of bees when you are perched on a ladder 15 feet above the ground. What makes matters worse is that bees and hornets also love to nest in an unclogged gutter. This is why most experts recommend hiring professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies to get your eavestroughs checked and cleaned from time to time. If you suspect a hornet or wasp nest in your guttering system, then it is extremely important to detect the nest and remove it urgently.


Possums are invaders that have slowly increased in population in the GTA area. These large (as big as a mid-sized raccoon) mammals have furry bodies that are not really designed to bear the harsh Canadian winters. So, they may come looking for a warm place to winter out. And if they find an opening into your attic, then very soon, you will have Mrs. Possum giving birth to her young and enjoying a warm family holiday in your home. Possums can be dangerous as they often hiss and bite if they are threatened.


The very design of gutters makes them perfect nesting places for birds. It keeps predators away and it gives the birds a compact enough place to make them feel safe. If there are birds nesting in your gutters, then they will be constantly feeding the young which may further clog the gutters. Also, some types of bird nests can be heavy and weaken the gutter joints.


Stagnant water = Mosquito breeding grounds. Cannot be simpler than that. You absolutely must not let water get clogged in your gutters because mosquitoes do a lot more harm than inflicting a temporarily itchy bite. Frequent cleaning is a must and if you find yourself too busy, then speak to professional gutter cleaning companies Toronto.


If you hear scampering noises above your head, then you may have mice in the gutters. Apart from being extremely difficult to capture, rodents can also harbor several disease causing microbes making it crucial to have them removed urgently from your gutters. The best way to keep pest away from your eavestrough is to make the place inhospitable for these critters and the only way to do that is to regularly clean your gutters. Speak to an eavestrough cleaning Toronto company today to know more about their services.