What starts as a couple of leaves on your car and in your lawn quickly multiples into tons of leaves around your home during fall. Thankfully, most homeowners are diligent about removing the leaves from the lawn because of the obvious damage it can cause to the turf. But the lawn is not the only place that the leaves will get accumulated in. In fact, the gutters are the first place that the leaves will fall into. And it is often, the last place that is cleaned. Gutter cleaning is a much-hated chore that often gets put off until the damage becomes severe. And most property owners feel that it is too easy a task to outsource to professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies. This makes them commit the glaring error of trying to clean the gutter themselves. Here are five reasons why you it is always better to hire a professional gutter cleaner.

  1. Safety:

    Over 42000 people get injured annually due to falls from heights in Canada. A large percentage of these people are middle aged adults who fall from ladders. If you are lucky enough, the incident may cause minor injuries. However, in many cases, it can be catastrophic. Why risk your own safety and climb ladders? The ground can be uneven. You may try to reach a portion of the roof that can put you off balance. It can get really slippery with the leaves and the occasional spell of rain. Hire expert eavestrough cleaning companies who rely on professional equipment to clean your gutters.

  2. Time:

    While it may seem like an easy task to clamber up a ladder on a beautiful weekend to clean the gutter, it can quickly eat away the time and leave you with very little to show for it. Because its not as simple as using a leaf blower and a hose. You must check for clogs in the downspout. If there are clogs, then those must be removed. If there are leaks or holes, then it must be repaired. This is why gutter cleaning companies have a team of people cleaning a gutter at a time. It speeds up the task and is usually done in a few hours.

  3. Critters:

    As if standing on a ladder on uneven ground wasn’t unsafe enough, you can encounter hornets, bees, wasps, raccoons or mice in your gutters. And it may also have mold spores or other disease causing bacteria that you can inhale.

  4. Wires:

    There is always a risk of you accidentally coming into contact with a powerline. And even if you are careful, you can accidentally damage cables that are running into your house. Like the telephone cable.

  5. Damage the roof:

    There are innumerable stories of DIY gutter cleaning attempts gone wrong causing irreparable damage to the guttering system. From the way you position the ladder against the gutter to the equipment you use poking holes in the gutter, there are many ways in which you can unknowingly make matters worse.

DIY gutter cleaning is a painstakingly tedious chore. Let the experts do the job. Speak to a professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto company.